4:13 PM

Half a day now and it’s been omfg tiring. Especially lobbying for the shoppers vote. T_T

Luckily we had small breaks every 3 hours. We could go to the toilet. Or go inside TANGS and shop. A Fashion and Lifestyle place i <3


 Woo i spotted one Eye candies.  i’m wearing their cloths hopefully as cool as them.

We just had a special task and we were roam around in TANGS for 20 minutes and take photos of things for 6 secret keywords.

Are you curious what’s Inside the box?


Walking around, hopefully it will give me a better Idea what to blog. (Normally people put light bulb when it comes to ideas. But this is a freaking gigantic disco balls so it means BRILLIAN IDEAS)

Even though everyon’s like kanchong about blogging and twittering and campaigning for votes, i still insist of photoshopping all my pictures. I’m really very anal about my picture quality.

The abov pic is a PSed pic to make me Ultra Slim.


Still another half a day to go.

Hopefully my energy level is as Long Lasting as the diamonds. ^^