Basically. I work from home. So yea.

Pay credit cards online, pay internet bills online shop online, top up phone online, chat with friends online, if only i can pee online too because sometimes i get so engrossed in funny conversations with (whoever, you know you are!) i refuse to get up and go to the toilet so my bladder end up very miserable but i guess that’s probably too much information for you before lunch so yea,  as i was saying…

Oh ya. Internet.

Today i just found out something new online. I feel so… achieved. I’m yet one step closer to becoming a flabby mass of morbidly obese pea brained homosapien from Walle.

So i was to renew roadtax and car insurance for mom. And the ironic thing is that i don’t have a car to drive to the post office/nearest insurance company. But then there is such thing called the

And again, all you need is the internet.

When Dom told me about it i was like, “What turf? Can one meh?” And he explained to me about this new concept like for a whole half an hour before i decided to try it out myself.

The site looks simple, pleasant and straight-forward. They also have some short video presentations, check this out:


One of the highlighted features in the site is ‘Speedy renewal in 3 minutes’.  I went ahead to click ‘renew now’ which brings me to three selection of choices, Easy mode, Normal mode and Road-tax only. Of course everyone like easy la.

It took me less than 3 minutes to complete filling up the application and paying off with my credit card. 

There are a couple of things that I find it helpful: 

1.No registration is required and I could just begin right away.
2.The fill-in is simple and there is helpful illustrations to guide where I can find the details on my registration card.

ScreenShot007 by you. 

Besides the site also provide a rough estimation on the sum to insure for my vehicle. It can generate a suggested the market-price of the car after entering the year and car model.


ScreenShot009 by you.

Example only la ok. Because I like Audi TT. 


ScreenShot010 by you.

Also there is a wide range of payment mode, I can choose between credit card and bank transfer too. The site is also secured by Verisign.

easyrenew2 by you.

Once completed, I printed out the receipt and I’m done for my part! 😀

On the very next morning, I receive a call from Easy Renew with a friendly greeting note. Next, I schedule for a pick up day of the documents (previous insurance policy and the payment for the road-tax). 

Then two days later, they called and it’s ready!! The dispatch personnel came again and passed me the renewed documents. He is very friendly! 🙂

easyrenew by you.

After  the whole experience, I think that they do run the extra miles to provide good customer satisfaction and efficency. This is rather different from the typical Malaysian ‘tak apa’ attitude.  The little extra that they put in with courtesy and friendliness gives a feel good experience that they do care .

So the whole process only took 3 days (lucky no saman la :D) and i didn’t even have to step out of my house.

Memang very easy. Though now it is available only at Klang Valley, but they plan to move on to the northern and southern region soon. So Mom you can do it yourself next year. Thanks. 😀

Go to

I have also bookmarked  ScreenShot011 by you. the website for future use.

By the way does anyone know how i can buy a car number plate? What turf it is up to WSX already now. Eh i don’t mean X like, WSX but X like how you normally say RM1XXX. If you know what i mean la. Really so many people buy new car meh!!! Because i really want to get WTF666! I think should be out next year lo! Expensive ah?