Look! This is my plastic face on a plastic card. I’m Alliance Bank’s new face!

 alliance8 by you.


Because everyone can have their faces printed across their very own credit card!! Alliance’s latest You:nique picture card allows you to do just that.

So exciting! You know how people always like to show off their credit cards with some shimmery colors esp gold and glaring platinum! Once i was tempted to apply for a credit card just because i liked the design (but it’s not like i need anymore credit cards). But now, you can have just the card you want. The plastic you have been longing to own, all your life.

Now the  girls can color cordinate their purse and credit cards. Hahaha.

ab1 by you.

Not only can you personalise your card, it is also highly flexible! You can choose any feature you want-be it the great rebates, great rates or great rewards.

Great rebate is a card that puts the whole world on sale. You get up to 2% rebate of all retail
purchases. So i can shop till i drop in any where i want and still get my cash back, unlike other credit cards where you are restricted to a certain brands; hypermarkets for example.

Great rates give you the best rates, by cutting your interest cost in half! You:nique is the only credit card in Malaysia to offer 9%p.a. interest rate.

Great rewards offers you double Timeless Bonus Point for every Ringgit you spend! If i swipe RM500 i get 1,000 points!! Awesome!!!


Just log in to Alliance Bank You:nique site, you don’t even need to register, you can straight away design your favorite credit card!

ab3 by you.

Select your favorite picture and upload it. Then, rotate or crop to suit the card size.

ab4 by you.


alliance0 by you.



ab5 by you.

Last step: fill up basic info about yourself, and you are done! As simple as that!

You can choose your own picture as a new brand of credit card, put your favorite memories on your card, something close to your heart, or even funky designs to show off your creativity.

However, the hard part is that you are so spoilt for choice you will take forever to decided on a favorite design. Let’s see mine.

 alliance11 by you.

1. This is Matsumoto Castle. Took this picture during my homestay in Nagano. I think this is a perfect picture for a Alliance’s credit card! The color matches to the max.

alliance5 by you.

2. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we had on Japanese New Year together with TK’s family. Most sumptutous traditional meal ever.

alliance6 by you.

3. This is Yuuri. Naughty as usual.

alliance7 by you.

4. How bout me and my baby?

alliance12 by you.

5. This is one of the most amazing moments in Nagano.


allaince13 by you.

6. Tokyo Disneyland

alliance15 by you.

7. Matsumoto City Scenery.


Arrrrrgggh too much nice photos only one card. Must choose the best one lo. What would i like to see most everytime i open my wallet? Everytime i wanna buy something nice, what would it remind me of?



allaince2 by you.

8. 🙂


Let me know which one you like the best!

For more  info, please log on to You:nique