On TK’s birthday (also my last day in Nara), we went to a nice Izakaya and had supper.

sashimi1 by you.

Very awesome food.


sashimi2 by you.

We had some egg thing.


sashimi4 by you.

And Gyu Tan. (Cow Tongue)


sashimi6 by you.

Ebi Fry


sashimi3 by you.

And the freshest sashimi in the world. I’m not kidding you.


sashimi5 by you.

So i was camwhoring with the fish.

And then. Something happened and scared the cheesecake out of me.



The fish wagged its tail at me.



At first i thought i was hallucinating. You know, last day, emo and all that crap (“oh i think i am able to communicate with fish”). Then. I realized the bloody fish was alive.

Imagine someone slices your belly open, cuts it into 6 pieces, put some radish shreds and shiso leaves on top of the open wound like very decorative liddat, then proudly place the six slices of your belly back on top, and then puts you on a plate and serves it to some hungry old fat man. And then you find yourself thinking what turf is this mad chef doing to my body?!? You yell in sheer fear, and you watch the glutton picking one piece of your tummy up and proceed to eat it and sigh in delight. And you go like wtf can you stop eating my meat? You shout HELP!!! hysterically (but you can only hear a faint voice coming through your non-existent belly) but the idiot keeps on eating you like very shiok liddat, but you start feeling weaker and weaker… so you start to kick frantically around with your tail with and your last full strength, and the fella goes like “what turf?” in utter disbelief…

That’s what i imagined the fish was feeling. I swear it was a very disturbing sight. Very tragic.


How turf….



Nah watch yourself.

Sorry video got typo but too lazy to change.

Anyway, it is called Ikizukuri.

Ikizukuri is Japanese for “prepared alive”, and refers to the preparation of sashimi from a still living animal. The sashimi chefs who prepare ikizukuri are skilled enough to fillet and gut the fish without killing it, and then the ikizukuri is served on a plate with the heart still beating.

Eat a moving fish, anyone?




PS: I read the letter. T_T


Update: Ei please la you all PETA activists, it’s not like we specifically asked the chef to serve a half chopped dancing fish just so we could laugh and mock and poke it. I was mortified to see it move so what you reckon we should do about it? Scold the chef and then throw the fish back into its tank is it? Don’t eat KFC la. My guess is that it was an alive animal called chicken before it become KFC. Sien.