Ok i know i’m very suah ku because i only heard about it last week and you have prolly read like a million reviews about it and for a brief instant i felt ashamed that the moment i entered the restaurant i actually gasped in amazement that such wonderful place exists in a country called Malaysia (i must add, though, that i am more ashamed about the fact that i couldn’t decide if the source of my shame came from the suah ku bit or the unpatriotic bit).

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Ok, before i comment on this fancy little restaurant/store, i’d like to point out a piece of infomation that has much disturbed me.

Full House is located at this place called NZX. I was wondering what the acronym stands for. When i found out, i got a bit confused. It stands for Niu Ze Xui.

Then i started to wonder what Niu Ze Xui means. And when i found out i got a bit offended. It means 牛车水, means Cow Car Water, to put it in the simplest engrish. First of all it’s a freaking plagiarism of the Singaporean Chinatown, and secondly, whoever opened this bloody place didn’t even bother/have the decency to actually find out the correct pinyin. If the pinyin is wrong nemai, the thing is, such pinyin doesn’t exist.

Wtf is Xui? How turf do you pronounce Niu Ze Xui? No matter how slangy you make it sound, or try to pronounce in it every single dialect: Ngaw Che Sui (Canto), Gu Chia Jui (Hokkien) Ngiu Cha Sui (Hakka), it is almost impossible to come up with such atrocious pinyin. Unless the person was like, lying in the bed conceptualizing his/her/shims latest commercial project and thought, “hmmm, i really like beef and i hope i could change a bigger car next year and i’m thirsty now so why don’t we call it cow car water but how do you say it in Mandarin, exactly? And i don’t really think the length of my arm is long enough to reach my study room and grab me that dictionary so i think let’s settle for Niu Ze Xui and call it a day.” 

Then the next day he went and registered the brilliant name and printed hundreds of banners.

The correct pinyin, is, Niu Che Shui.  Please go back to kindergarten and learn your Chinese. Thank you very much.

When i told Oli about the place, he said it got him worried for a bit because he said he’s afraid he’ll have a hard time when he comes to Malaysia because he thought Malaysia has got a whole new set of pinyin what turf. (He just spent a lifetime perfecting the art of Shanghai pinyin and now he gets Niu Ze Xui what turf.)

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Anyway! The restaurant! It’s supposed to be based on the Korean drama Full House. Whatever. I don’t see the resemblance whatsoever. The only thing they have in common is probably how they spell their name. And the sappy background music. I supposed they needed the sappy music, without which their theme would have looked a little short of inspiration.


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Tiffany’s and Thomas’s favorite meal!! Wow, the names are really authentic Korean i must say.

However!!! I love the deco lo. Cheez i want to live there.

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They sell their own brand of fashion apparel too. Eat and shop. Bring more money pls.

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The yellow drink tasted fine if you don’t mind drinking perfume. But the green one was super nice! I hate mint, however, this particular one seems to have neutralized my hatred for that greeny stuff quite a fair bit. Now I can’t say that i haven’t developed a complex liking for it. Mint choco with jelly, was super awesome.

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Me with perfume drink.

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The signature wok seared chicken was good.

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Jenny had her fried chic.

fullhouse10 by you.

And Bear with her F&C.




Nah. Map as requested. Click.



Btw, am i the only one in this world who thinks that Slumpdog Millionaire is not as nice as everyone fanatically claims so? Sure the story is thoughtful and all that but don’t you think the ending is just like what the hell is the point of the movie? Damsel in distress, villain who dies in the end and kissing at the railway and woohoo nominated for Oscar what the hell?!? Sorry i know i just spoiled it for you but i really think i’m doing you a favor by revealing the ending now than you finding out yourself. It’s disappointing.


Update: What turf it just won Oscar(s).