I actually did housework. And cooked. Before i go on about my toilet scrubbing routine i’d like to make an announcement:

David Archuleta is coming to KL! I’m such a big fan, i cried watching him perform in AI okay T_T. Wanna watch him in person? DiGi is giving out 2 free passes to watch David Live in KL, check out how you can win the tickets!

Ok done.

Back to my toilet. Haha, i heard you say my toilet is clean! Yay! I’m sooooooo not a housewifey person. But i started cleaning the house abit because… well, because la.

Talk about cooking, yesterday Cin was so funny! She was telling me about her attempt to cook risotto.

“Rin i tell you! The risotto was very tragic, because you must use the Italian rice ma right, but i didn’t have! So i use the normal rice la. And also you must put white wine, but i didn’t have also, so i thought i can use the Chinese rice wine la, it is similar anyway, and then you have to control the timing but i didn’t know how! So i just saje cook it la. I ONLY DID THREE THINGS WRONG AND IT DIDN’T TASTE LIKE RISOTTO!”

I almost died laughing. ONLY 3 (Tiga, san, sam, trois) things. Cindy why you so cute one.

I also cooked something ok! I’m so smart, i cooked mentaiko kake gohan (明太子かけご飯) (Marrinated pollock roe + rice) (haih, so mafan must make so many translations!!) yesterday ok.

MENTAIKO2 by you.

Wa, you have no idea how hard it was to get mentaiko. I don’t think they sell it in Malaysia. Not even Isetan i think. I went to some Japanese restaurant, they do serve it, in ochazuke (お茶漬け) and also onigiri. But then when i requested for just mentaiko on cooked rice, the waitress would say they cannot do it. Can only do it onigiri style. I mean, HOW STUPID IS YOUR CHEF? Warao, how hard is that wor. Just freaking take a generous amount of the pollock thing and plop it on the rice. Duh. Total bollocks. Even Cheddie can do it. 

Anyway, i got my supply of mentaiko from Japan. Wa, the entire transportation of this little box of freaking fish roe was about as difficult as completing Tomb Raider Underworld on PS3. First of all, TK bought it from Japan, sneaked it into the plane with ice pack and went to Taipei. So he passed it to me in Taipei lo. Then we had to store it inside the hotel fridge, and carry it from hotel to hotel. And then i had to sneak it into the plane with ice pack, and come back to Malaysia.

It would be unbelivable if it was still edible after the whole laborious shipping process. But i cooked the marrinated pollock roe with rice, anyway. And ate it. I am a cheesenius.

Fine. It was more like, marrinated pollock roe + porridge because i put too much water T_T. And fine, you don’t have to cook mentaiko. You just take it out, plop it on top of the rice (fine, porridge) and eat it. -_-

I’m gonna show you how it looks like and confirm you will go eeeeeeeew one!! But i tell you, it tastes as good as disgusting it looks.


mentaiko3 by you.


mentaiko1 by you.

Sorry make up messed up because that’s how a domesticated huang lian po looks. I should have PSed my face yellow.

So basically i didn’t cook anything la. All i did was put too much water into rice, switched on the rice cooker, defrosted the mentaiko and plopped it on the rice/porridge. Then spinkled black sesame and seaweed on top. I am a hopeless cook. T_T 

Other female bloggers are young, gorgeous, funny, intelligent, can camwhore and KNOW HOW TO COOK. How to compete liddat. T_T

mentaiko4 by you.

Tasted disgustingly yummy. I will have it everyday until the day i die.