(Except super long hair, maybe.)

I was browsing through some of the old photos taken last year and they disgusted me. i couldn’t believe i was so blind to put up with my crap hair for such a long time. I know people said oh Ringo (Ring, now) you look awesome with shorter hair fresher younger taller whatever.


Long hair is for ever.

hair1 by you.

I will never let anyone convince me to cut my hair short again. Ever.

Screw makeovers. I want my hair to be exactly the way i want it to be.

I can’t say i didn’t regret. My hair is no longer shiny ebony and healthy. So much bleach they used. But once you ditch black, you will never go back. It’s color maintenance forever. And it makes your hair worse. It’s a vicious cycle.

I have problem growing it back since last year’s… trauma, and now i had to resort to hair extensions. Luckily they are awesome. I love Tibetan young village girls who are dirt poor who live off yak’s milk and highland potatoes and dunno how to read. See, i’m helping them to live a better life simply by making my hair long.

I’m feeling so charitable. I do extensions every now and then so the poor girls can buy like, books and go to school and learn how to read.

hair2 by you.

Hair salon in Shanghai.

I was a bit unhappy about them trying to rip me off by half forcing me to choose better products/service etc and they were a bit unhappy about me refusing to be ripped off. But later i was quite happy with the result so i let them off la. We made peace summore.

Anyway after wash+cut+color+whatevertheytriedtoripmeoff = RM150. Which was really quite decent. In KL it’s prolly double the price (can anyone confirm this statement?). So i can’t help but think  maybe, salons in KL are much more of a ripoff instead.

hair3 by you.

Long hair just makes me feel soooooo good. Like seriously good. Even though most of them are not my hair. But they make be feel i belong to them (or they belong to me, whatever). And make me feel complete (although it is weird to think that some poor iliterate Tibetan village girl who smells of yak’s milk completes me).

hairextension by you.

Hair extension. This time around i did wavy extensions because i have wavy hair now.

hairextension2 by you.

The lady putting blonde streaks into my head so i don’t have to dye my own hair. I thank the Tibetan poor village girl.

hair4 by you.

This is Shanghai in February. Like, 27°C. Then the next day 8°C what turf. Well. It’s China. Anything is possible.

hair5 by you.

Ok this is before blonde streaks.

hair6 by you.

Shanghai is awesome. I <3 Shanghai.

hair7 by you.

This is with blonde streaks.

hair8 by you.

If you have layered hair and is at least shoulder length, then your extension should look super natural, especially after you perm it. Advice is to do your extension first then go for your hair cut/color/perm.

It will look like your own hair. You have some part of a poor Tibetan village girl in you.


hair9 by you.

Even though extensions are permed before, your hair will look better if you tong it of course.

hair11 by you.

I’m very noob in this!

hair10 by you.

I think i can do better but this is how you tong it in parts.

hair12 by you.

Done. To make the curls stay, secure it with hair spray.

hair13 by you.

That’s all for hair lesson today. Will do more after i improve. i can’t even convince myself. What else do you want me to blog about? I am still taking in requests.