Was invited to Hypp.tv’s launch as one of the ABBA what turf.

hypptv8 by you.

Ok maybe this is not exactly ABBA’s hair.


The theme was Entertainment and Movie Stars.

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Costumes from Absolut Pitch.

Hypp.tv is the first broadband TV in Malaysia which offers exclusive online video content exclusively for Streamyx subscribers!

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Meaning now we will never have to switch on the TV! It’s starting to sound a bit scary to me (exciting but at the same time scary). It’s not hard to imagine in the near future everyone would be watching TV on their laptops. Then we need TV for what ah?

I have a 32″ in my house and honestly, i NEVER use it to watch TV (except Olympics). I may as well have a 32″ laptop screen. Same thing what.

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A little presentation on how Hypp.tv works.


The all new and improved Hypp.TV is very user-friendly! It is very easy to navigate through the channels and other content. And the best thing is, no buffering!!! Click play, and poof (ok the video doesn’t go like, poof and smoke in the air but you know what i mean!) For maximum viewing pleasure, Streamyx speeds of 1.0Mbps or higher is recommended.

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Karen Princess Leia

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ST Elvis

hypptv6 by you.

Tzia Cat woman and please keep your eyes on my hair i spent hours curling it and it is gorgeous thanks.

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Cynthia Hepburn and Joyce the Rockstar.

hypptv9 by you.

HB Sparrow who looked like a girl.

Anyway, go back to Hypp.tv. It has got more than 30 channels to choose from, covering a variety of content genres ranging from News & Current Affairs, Variety & Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, and Movie & Drama.

Among the channels available include Channel News Asia, Al-Jazeera English, CCTV4 and Bloomberg TV for news buffs, sports channels such as the Barclays Premier League match highlights and 2010 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, women-oriented channels such as Fashion TV and RED TV, Channel 99 Debar, a locally produced programme for fans of the paranormal mystical world and taboo topics, Zee Music and NDTV for all Bollywood musical entertainment, popular Korean and Chinese series from Multimedia Drama Channel as well as WOW TV for Hollywood’s latest updates. The new Hypp.TV will also have some exclusive and first-in-Malaysia content such as Luxe TV, Warner Bros’ Sorority Forever aaaaaaaaaand Wedding TV pheeew *takes deep breath*

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In addition to the wide variety of channels available, Hypp.TV will also offer Video-On-Demand and live streaming formats as well as interactive services such as web-shopping, product show-rooms, government services, user interaction services and so much more.


To experience the service of Hypp.TV, public will be able to access some free channels such as Channel News Asia, Local Scene and Aniworkz, amazing videos produced by Malaysia’s top creative students.


 How to watch:

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Streamyx subscribers can now sign up for the all-new Hypp.TV at a flat rate of just RM9.90 per month for all content. Monthly subscription charges will be included in the subscriber’s Streamyx account.

For more information on Hypp.TV, log on to www.hypp.tv.

Now watch my ABBA mani.

abbanails by you.

I doubt they put heart-shape rhinestones on their fingernails during their era but oh well.