Like i said i’m pretty addicted to purple lately! I wanted to do another make-up post but i don’t have much time! So just a few pictures of my purple make-up. ^^

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Omg i have found the perfect contact lens! I bought it from Taipei, it is called Max Max, very very cheap, only RM30 or so. And it is sooooo comfortable and it looks much more mesmerizing than any other brands i’ve ever used. I love it.  But then again, i don’t know if you can get it here. Good luck!

Purple eyeshadow.




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Glenfiddich whiskey tasting

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Kim invited HB and I for Glenfiddich’s Taste The Future whiskey tasting on a Sunday afternoon. Obviously it is not a good time to get drunk yet, but we were all a bit too excited to sample some of the most atas single malt whiskies by Glenfiddich, some not even available on the market.

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The taste of six different years.

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We were all given 7 sample glasses.12, 15,18, 21, 30 years old respectively. And also two special glasses, which i will elaborate later. Obviously the older the more expensive, and more obviously the most expensive one tasted the best.

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This bottle of 40 years old cost a turfing RM8,000.

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There are also samples of the variations of notes, although right now I am not drunk enough to have the cheek to pretend like I’m a know-it-all whiskey connoisseur. Honestly I couldn’t really tell the difference, and when they went like, Oh you are right, it has this faint note of new leather and just a hinge of pear, I just gave the >_< face throughout. I just know they all tasted better than the normal whiskey I was forced to drink at Zouk or whatever.

However, i could still tell you my favorite–year 1979. It has a subtle note of sherry and fig balanced with flavors of rich dark chocolate (according to the brouchure, as i wouldn’t be as expert). I like it because it’s the most fragrant and richest. Everybody loves rich. ^^

I think the event was really well organized, with a very catchy theme and excellent presentation. The ambassador, Ludoviq Ducrocq from Scotland took us through a time journey. And before we sample each whiskey, he showed us a snippet of what was some of the significant events happening on that particular year, world-wide and specifically in Malaysia.

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For example, 1997 (12 years old) was when the Twin Tower was built.

In the end, we proceeded to try a sample whiskey which is not sold anywhere. It is called the Future Glenfiddich.

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If I’m not mistaken it is now 7 years old, and it will only be ready at least 5 years later. So what we had that day, was indeed, the taste of the future, which I think connected to the whole theme brilliantly.

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Try, anyone?