Hi this is joRin again.

Behind every music girl there is a music man. And vice versa. That is why he is such an inspiration to me.

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His name is Lee Hom.

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I mean, we are most definitely not having a relationship, we just, you know, admire the smell of each other’s hair music talent. Even that is partly due to commercial value. We are absolutely scandal free.

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I must add that he is really good at pool. Or with pool. Or in the pool.

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I really really love the way he puts his fingers on the black piano keys. Very sexy.

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I can never quite figure out how to do it right.

And of course, we just have to much in common i don’t find it quite coincidental anymore. I think it is fate.

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Our remarkable taste in fashion, our uncanny telepathy in delivering  a melodic message across, our calling in music. It is omnipresent and celestial.

Well i sure hope i would be in the poster of his coming concert, sadly it is just a PSed picture. and of course, us being in a non-relationship, all i could do is wear huge sun glasses and XL beanie and cheer quitely at a dark corner of the stage, because i wasn’t even given a ticket to go to his Music Man Live in KL concert:

Date: 2nd May, 2009,
Time: 8pm
Venue: National Stadium, Bukit Jalil

But no worries, i will win my ticket the usual way again—through U.O.X.

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Guess what? There’s another way to win tickets! send your best “Music-Man/Woman” video or picture for a chance to win a pair of tickets worth RM198 to Lee Hom Music-Man LIVE in KL 2009.

How to upload a video or picture

Type MUSIC MAN and send video/picture via MMS to 26388

How to view, rate or download videos or pictures on MeTV

Step 1: Log on to http://wap.channelx.com.my from your mobile

Step 2: Go to Fun Stuff and select Lee Hom Music Man

Step 3: Look under Contest category and click on the View, rate or download contest entries link

Step 4: Select Lee Hom Music Man category to view videos or pictures

Step 5: To rate videos or pictures click on the Rate It link. To download videos or pictures, click on the Download Now button.

And of course, in order to support my music man, i will send in a picture to demonstrate my undying passion for music too! And i can’t even be bothred to take any picture. I will just get my assistant to send in my latest album cover.

Of course, this time my record team has decided to sprinkle a little electro element in it, very neo-Shibuya-kei-sque inspired, aesthetically and musically.

Check out my funky headphones!

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I am a music woman.

More info about the contest HERE.

Mwah, XOXO