Bloody a lot of pictures. Almost died editing them.

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Perth Airport.

Sorry for the bird shit in this photo. Well, shit happens. Especially in Perth. There’s a higher change you will get wet by bird shit than rain. Turfing seagulls (i’m not sure if that makes an accidental pun. maybe not).

Thanks to Air Asia, i visited Australia for the first time. Flora, Derrick and I flew Air Asia X, the world’s first low-cost long-haul airline to Perth.

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On the way back we were upgraded to XL seats, it was omfg awesome!!!

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It is totally worth it to pay that extra few hundred bucks (though we didn’t. Lucky!). Super leg room and massive seats where you can roll around in your sleep.

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Like business class liddat. Damn shiok ok.

And i love the new chat feature!!!

Imagine lo if you see a hottie who seems to be alone and single sitting a few rows away from you. Which happens quite often in the airport! Or airplane! And you feel like you wanna stick your head in the oven because you don’t have the balls to walk up to talk to him/her, knowing that he/she will be gone forever.

Air Asia X now encourages affair in the air.

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Wa!! Got someone want to hook up with me!

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After checking into the hotel, we went to King’s Park.

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What a hot dad.

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And the byebees soooooooo cute! (I really still quite cannot tahan aussie accent.)

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View from King’s Park.

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Seriously, the grass is always greener/moon is always rounder saying is stupid. It only applies to Malaysians. Or like someone who milks camels in the desert.

The weather is damn crazy in Perth. Or Australia in general. If you ask me hows the weather (early autumn now), i honesly don’t know how to answer you. I can’t decide if it was hot or cold.

It was hot and cold. If it’s not Hot then Cold then Hot again, it’s like, hot AND cold. The sun was strong, you don’t sweat but it burns your skin. The wind is chilly. So like, you stand under the sun it’s bloody hot but once you go under the shades it’s bloody cold. So if you stand in between the shades and open top then you feel like Two face from Batman. What turf. If you get what i mean la.

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Cute school kids!

Afternoon we shopped a bit at Forrest Chase.

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See what i mean! Everyone in Perth has got fluorescent hair color!

Then we had lunch in this bar.

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Flora strongly recommended LLB (Lemon, Lime and Bitters) it’s very nice!

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This is Snaggers. It’s crocodile, emu and pork sausage. What turf.


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This is where i got my Australian flag Bikini T shirt. Quite cheap.

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Their bags very cute summore.

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Flowers very kalerful!

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Took bus to the whatever factory outlet. Wa the bus is free one ok! No wonder they pay so much tax.

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Haha the dude behind us!!! 😛

At night, i met up with reader Cynthia. She came to my hotel and picked me up for dinner. We went to this one place everyone of you recommended (is it really that famous or is Perth really so small. Because if someone ask me, Ok please bring me to the nicest resutaurant in KL i will be like errr, please be specific or shut up.)

It’s Ciao omfg Italia!!!


Look at the crowd outside what turf. Like a night club liddat.

So normally on a Saturday night @ 7pm, you prolly have to wait 1 and a half hours, as this restaurant doesn’t do reservation. But with Cynthia and her almighty connection, we got in after 2 minutes of waiting. Jealous or not.


This is how packed it was inside.

I asked Cynthia to take photos for me and she did, but she said err, you might wanna take again. So i took a look at the photo wondering what’s wrong and this is what i saw.



The portion was huge! But it was omfg nice!!!


The table was too small that it couldn’t fit everything.


Cynthia and food.

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This is chili mussels. Tasted omfg yummy.


This is some king prawn pizza.

perth31 by you.



And the chef (owner?), he is so cute (i don’t mean in the original sense of the word, nor the… ok forget it).

Also, while halfway chomping down a mussle, someone went OMFG ARE YOU CHEESIE?!?!

Ok she didn’t exactly say omfg but. What are the odds!

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I hate this pic because i look omfg ugly but i’m posting this to make Manzy happy.

I will skip day two because Fremantle would be in a separate entry.

DAY 3.

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Tee from Supre. Teehee. I was really worried that i would fall sick because of the Hot Cold weather and bloody fish&chips. But thankfully i felt better the next day.

Ok. what to do on the third day? So we were deciding among, a few places. The sanctuary or chocolate factory or whatever, i forgot, were too far, we wouldn’t be able to make it back in time for Vfest. We consulted our friends and they only had one advice—Don’t go to the zoo.

It’s boring and is a turfing waste of time with all the signs saying “Under Construction” in front of most of the enclosures and watching a wallaby 10000 feet away and you can’t pet them and they look half dead and so on and so forth.

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We went to the zoo.

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We paid AUD19 for the entrance. And apparently AUD19 is the price to pay for not listening to good friends’ advice.

Perth zoo is a cheat. All we saw were like empty cages and enclosures full of grass and trees with no living creature in sight except maybe an imaginary ogre or two. Cheesus.

Now to put the AUD19 to good use, let’s play a game. Level of difficulty is in ascending order.


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No pun.

perthzoo8 by you.


Thanks for playing.