Ok pictures on 5th April, 2009, Perth!

vfest28 by you.

Cheeky top i bought from Supre! They have really cute T-shirts!!!

Ok if you don’t know Vfest already, it stands for Virgin Mobile Festival, a music festival held in UK, Australia and the states. The trip is sponsored by Air Asia to promote this event as well as the Air Asia X flight to Perth and other attractions in Perth.

vfest1 by you.

Was a huuuuuuge event. 90,000 tickets sold throughout Sydney, Melb, Gold Coast and the last stop, Perth. They have 4 stages, called This Stage, That Stage, The Other Stage and the Virgin Mobile Stage. I mean, oh well, i didn’t expect naming a concert has to come to this stage…

vfest2 by you.

Flora from Air Asia flew with me and i was lucky to have her to be my travel buddy cuz she has friends in Perth who could bring us tour around Perth.

vfest3 by you.

The line-up for V Fest 09 Perth was great! They have The Killers (Muahahha KY and Suanie!!!), Snow Patrol, Madness, and Duffy in the above picture, and many many more bands i have never heard of but are apparently famous in Australia!

vfest4 by you.

This is Temper Trap playing at The Other Stage. I took this picture because of the blue-hair girl. It seems like shocking hair color is the trend now in Perth. All the girls and women have got shocking pink hair, or shocking blue hair, or shocking purple hair, or shocking pink, blue + purple hair.

Anyway, back to Temper Trap. You can listen to their music on their myspace webpage. Derrick (from Air Asia) and i were super lucky we got the backstage access and were given a interview session with them.

vfest29 by you.

Apparently their first advice for tourists in Perth is to eat Kangaroo steak.

vfest6 by you.

And this is M83. Their Myspace page here. I kinda like the songs they played.

vfest5 by you.

Hungry. Bought some Turkish Gozleme for snack. AUD10.

vfest7 by you.

Was getting dark and crowd was getting bigger too.

vfest11 by you.

The line up at this stage. Sorry couldn’t resist the pun. And this stage seemed to be the best stage of the concert.

vfest8 by you.

When the crowd has come to this stage, you know your band has definitely made it. Sorry couldn’t resist pun again.

vfest9 by you.

This is Kaiser Chiefs. The weather was amazing. So many people yet not too hot/cold. Just nice, could breathe.

vfest10 by you.

Flora and I.

vfest12 by you.

This stage and that stage.

vfest13 by you.

Lotsa blondes.

vfest14 by you.

This is back at the Virgin Mobile stage. Wolf and Cub was playing. We had to go watch them because we were supposed to interview them after the performance.

vfest15 by you.

Some unfortunate events happened to the lead singer, he had food poisoning, vomitting everywhere and he couldn’t go on stage. They ended their performance early and apparently all the band members were really upset.

vfest16 by you.

They had only about, like, 30 audience (ok i shouldn’t have looked so happy in the pic) as compared to some 30000000 people at That Stage where Snow Patrol were playing.

vfest17 by you.

JC from Wolf and Cub was kind (or drunk) enough to let us interview him. You can check out their music here.

vfest18 by you.

And back to Snow Patrol!!!

vfest19 by you.

Wa i’m so amazed.

vfest20 by you.

I mean,

vfest21 by you.

I am not a fan of them but i’m putting up so many pictures because i didn’t realize the potential of my camera up till this point.

vfest22 by you.

It is amazing. My camera, that is.

vfest23 by you.

THIS IS THE KILLERS!!!!!! OMFG!!!666 (Say on KY’s behalf one). Now because they were playing the finale, it was really crazy. You couldn’t snap a decent picture without some fingers and arms getting in your way.

vfest24 by you.

This is the lead singer Brandon Flowers and a finger.

vfest25 by you.

Are We Human Or Are We Dancer what turf.

vfest26 by you.

Flora and her friends, who refused their handsome faces on this blog.

vfest27 by you.


More update on Perth soon. Stay cheesed.