These are the award winning dishes from Lao Beijing Restaurant, Shanghai, by


Most Comfortable Dish Award

funnyrestaurant24 by you.

This is our favorite Ku Low Yok. Apparently it gets better treatment in Shanghai and lives a more comfortable life.


Most Fashionable Dish Award

funnyrestaurant26 by you.

Apparently that’s the latest trend of the Yankees. Mangos, Strawberries and Cherries hanging off of their crotch.


Most Dubious Dish Award

funnyrestaurant16 by you.

I am sure even the chef doesn’t know what this is. I think, i suspect… it is maybe, perhaps, imaginably, it could possibly be, say, a red veggie, such as capsicum. Then again i’m just guessing.


Most Atrocious Dish Award

funnyrestaurant35 by you.

You think an ambiguous dish is bad? There’s worse.


Mostest Atrociousest Dish Award

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, please remind yourself that it is China. Anything is possible.

funnyrestaurant42 by you.

Counterfeit is inevitable.


Most Ferocious Seafood Award

Do you know what is the fiercest creature in the sea? There seems to be a tie between two creatures.

Winner 1

funnyrestaurant38 by you.

Sharkfin. Constantly hunting for its meal.

Winner 2

funnyrestaurant36 by you.


Most Spineless (not in its original sense) Seafood Award

funnyrestaurant20 by you.

Worrying of falling prey to Sharkfin and Abalone, the timid and fearful cod near the river bank dishes away.


Hottest Dish Award

2nd Runner Up

funnyrestaurant25 by you.

Awwww. So looks like the victim got cod by the ferocious creatures anyway. Ok bad pun.


1st Runner-up

funnyrestaurant32 by you.

It’s Iron Hot!!!



funnyrestaurant10 by you.

Flaming hot. What can i say.


Most Advanturous Dish Award

funnyrestaurant29 by you.

I mean, bravo. Just look at the red creatures would you? They are trying gingerly (pun optional) to pry open the beans. Exploring the foreign goodness. I admire that.


Shopaholic Dish Award

funnyrestaurant28 by you.

“Hello Ms Kim, the total of the bill for the Tanggui is RMB12,000. May i please have your signature here?”


Most Heroic Animal Award

funnyrestaurant27 by you.

Goes to the Mutton. Must be an Aries. Great leadership quality. “Just count on me, mate!!” Bahhhh.


Most Defeated Animal Award

funny25 by you.

Poor Cowboy. He must have been beaten up hard in a fight. Possibly by some gallant goat who took the lead.


Most Scandalous Dish Award

2nd Runner-up

funnyrestaurant13 by you.

Ooooh i spotted an office affair. Die la the boss flirting with the PA.


1st Runner-up

funnyrestaurant47 by you.

It also involves celebrity Miss Liang with a famous footballer Mr Pi. They claimed, however, that nothing happened between them and that they are just platonic “goodfriends”.



funnyrestaurant39 by you.

And i also witnessed some rubbing and then erm… juice, and there was also swallowing involved. Live action. This time it involves a government official. I don’t need to stress how scandalous it is.

Most Nonchalant Dish Award

funnyrestaurant40 by you.

The representatives of the supreme council (Don Sydney and Don Papaya), while refusing to comment,  have made their stance to stay away and disassociate themselves from the scandal.


Most Intense Bickering Award

Part 1

funnyrestaurant14 by you.

Oooh and i discovered a royal dispute. Looks like the princess really has to sort out some issues with her mother in law.

Part 2

funnyrestaurant22 by you.

The fight had gotten totally out of hand, thus King Neptune decided to resort to extreme measures.


Blandest Dish Award

funnyrestaurant9 by you.

Not only it tastes monotonously flat and flavorless. It has no aftertaste whatsoever. Guaranteed. Just plain. Dull.


Most Promising Dish

funnyrestaurant30 by you.

It is bland, for now. But spice-adding is in the process. You just wait. You just wait.


Last but not cheese,

Most Criminal Dish Award

2nd Runner Up

funnyrestaurant48 by you.

It’s a trick as old as time. Dirty, dirty dumpling politics.


Justice Dish Award

funnyrestaurant46 by you.

And then they all go to dumpling’s court for hearing.


Most Criminal Dish Award

First Runner up

funnyrestaurant49 by you.

Simply savage. How dare they endanger the lives of thousands of innocent tiny citizens!


Most Efficient Award

funnyrestaurant19 by you.

Luckily, they have a brilliant fire brigade equipped with really expensive gears and solutions. Hot and yummy too.


Most Criminal Dish Award


funnyrestaurant11 by you.

Kinky. O.o



Hope you enjoyed the show.