Because they are quite the ahwwwsome!

Today’s ensemble.

You guys were right!!! I could finally wear my 15KG worth of junk now YAY!!! It’s finally summer so i can do something outrageous. (Although my Scotland outfits were atrocious enough. I had to endure possible public ridicule of the worst fashion ever put together in order to keep myself from dying of cold. Greatest sacrifice i have ever made in my life.)

Yesterday i wore a pair of animal printed pants and all i could see was a fat zebra in the mirror what turf.

We damn viking today, traveled half the London city by foot, while having perfected the art of self taken photos. Like i always said, best photographer’s name is Mr Timer. First name Self. Some photos of the London eye. By Mr Timer.





I know. May i know what camera are you using ma, right? I dowan to tell ahk. Nananananana. If you are smart enough you can turn my archive upside down, it’s worth the effort. Heh.

No la. Don’t bother. Because it’s not the camera. It’s the photographer. Really one.

(Ok just realized the above statement is so paradoxical. Nemai.)

<3 from London. Good night!