In response to Corntoz’s latest competition, you will find in this entry that how even snacking can be divaishly bimbotic for a Bimbo Diva.

The competition is called “Express Yourself”, which gives everyone an opportunity to share with the world how they snack on Corntoz in their own unique way. It may be ugly (or in this case, bimbotic), but the key is to stay who you are and never to change yourself for anything.

So this girl, Let’s call her Biva, is a typical air-head who spends 2/3 of her time looking into the mirror squeezing a pimple or teaching her teacup Maltese dumb tricks (and failing miserably, because all the pooch does is pee on her skirt) or filing her nails and bling them up abit too excessively. Well if any consolation, at least she has a talent in decorating and has an ambition, which is to open a nail parlor when she successfully seduces the right man to marry her.

corntoz8 by you.

Her DIY nail art.

So when she came across Corntoz’s competiton, she was naturally thrilled, because she sees an opportunity to materialize her dream! Well, Top 3 Corntoz video would be selected (as judged by a panel of internal judges) and will be rewarded RM8,000, RM5,000 and RM2,000 respectively. Well, if that isn’t enough for her to pay for the rent of the nail parlour for a start,it certainly was enough to pay for her intensive nail art course… or some really high-end cosmetic, considering she has been rather hardworking in working on her career plan for the past few months… or maybe a Hermes bag… actually, she would rather spend it on a nose job complete with lipo on her thighs, man, those flab… she thinks… Anyway. Ahem. Oh ya. Corntoz.

corntoz5 by you.

It can’t be any easier. Everybody loves to look at beautiful stuff, like how she studies her acrylic nails for hours and hours everyday. So she would make eating Corntoz cute and beautiful too, that will, for sure pull the judges over her side, she muses.

corntoz6 by you.

So she bought a pack of 60g Corntoz, and some color balls. She decorate the plates and Corntoz sticks with her great artistic skill.

corntoz7 by you.

She was thoroughly enjoying herself, she even imagine how giggly and excited those Corntoz sticks must have felt, being bathed in colorful riceballs (oooh, ticklish! Teehee) and being toyed around  in her delicate fingers and rosy nails.

And then…

corntoz1 by you.

She holds the Corntoz stick near her perfectly glossed lips (in Cherry Cherry shade)

corntoz3 by you.

She savors them one by one, letting out a crisp satisfactory sigh between her newly lasered-white teeth (which costs her 600 dollars, by the way).

Watch in detail how Biva snacks on Corntoz.

If you think you can rival Biva’s diva snacking style, beat her! Just get your Corntoz from any hypermarket or convenient store (60g pack), and go to and record your own video of how you snack Corntoz in your own unique style, or upload your pre-recorded video onto Youtube and submit the Youtube link on

Now Biva is still deciding what to do with the RM8,000…