Just came back from Loch Ness. Cold ness. Wet ness. Tired ness. In fact, most tiring trip ever after Makassar. So tiring we actually looked forward to going back to our apartment. Wtf. Rained the whole day. Bloody Scottish weather.

Vene just cooked us 69pence chicken soup. And 2 quid frozen pizza. And i really wanna faint now. Might cancel tomorrow’s trip to Glasgow. Too tired to travel.

A signboard outside Starbucks.

summermyass by you.

Yea right. My fingers froze until they can fall off. Summer my ass.

Tomorrow lowest 3°C . Bring la. Bring more summer clothes. Bringggggggg

Kill me. Stab me with a frozen fried Mars bar. Strangle me with a sweaty tartan sock.

PS: Sorry those who sms me, i dunno why all the sms i replied didnt reach you all!!  I swear i did reply!! Either my phone very sdubid or i very sdubid. >_<

PS2: The P&Cheese post below is the part two to Purple Wolf. Standard procedure. If you wanna read, just send an email titled “Orange Spaghetti” to me and you will receive an automatic password. Of course it would be a bonus if you add that i’m awesome/gorgeous/smart/etc.) (But don’t say “Cheesie you are etc”. Ha! I knew it.) No need reason la i saje test you all oni. I got no time to read anyway (but i will!!!)

PS3: For those who sent me email but never got password, it was because you never follow instruction or you cannot spell properly. Check ok. 🙂

Love from Edinburgh (still)!