A lot of people requested to read about my humble little crib. I was a little reluctant to blog about it at first, because first of all it’s a very intimate and personal thing to me. And i’m an absolutely territorial person i  protect my space so fiercely, any invasion of privacy is deemed a declaration of war.

I moved in about a year ago to this new place, and i furnished and decorated it from four empty walls (okay, i just counted, there are more than just 4). I can write like 20 posts on furniture and home deco advice, (non of an expert, but i’d say im more than experienced after having been cheated and regretted my purchase so many times). It has been an emotional journey. Owning your own place. It feels like Christmas. All glittery and beautiful on the outside, and warm and cozy on the inside. Best feeling in the world.

I have shown you my wallpapers (which a lot of you liked!), little cottagy room, but never the big picture. That, i must say, i am admittedly ashamed of it because no matter how much effort i put in, i can never keep it tidy and clean.

I show you examples ok. Bring you tour around my house.

mess4 by you.

This is my living room (you cannot see the zillion strands of hair lying across the entire house like there had been a Sadako party the previous nights). The couch is my mess station. As soon as I get home, I’m just dead tired to keep everything in place so i just chuck everything on the couch. 

It looks forever like this to the point that i refuse to invite any guest into my house, because i can’t say “hey, have a seat, make yourself at home” without them staring awkwardly at me and replying “oh it’s okay, you know, i’ll just stand around, burn calories, ah hah,” with a half laugh.

The luggage is always chucked at one side with its content exposed–i just grab whatever i want whenever i want it. After awhile it seems kinda a good plan to keep it that way.

I mean, i need those things all the time! Why do I need to pack them in neatly one by one when i will have to get them out 2 minutes later? Plus, i travel all the time! It is better they stay in the luggage, isn’t it? It’s time-efficient and hassle free! It’s like, why bother folding up your futon/making your bed when it’s gonna be messy at the end of the day, literally? 

mess3 by you.

Ignore the marble pointillized being. But that’s my coffee table. I know some of you watch the telly while eating. Well I do that too, so might as well do it in front of your couch, although i must admit, the table is kinda small and i will have to move my laptop and stuff down the floor before i could enjoy my (atrocious home cook) dinner, sometimes knocking down a glass or a mug in the process.

mess2 by you.

And like, i just bought a million books from this junk sales!!! I just haven’t had the time to give my books a home aka bookcase. So stacking them on the floor is my temporary solution.

mess1 by you.

This is my… Oh! Oh, no entry here, sorry. Teehee. *forced smile*


mess6 by you.

This is… Oh My God. This is nightmare. I mean, every girl goes through this phase, there’s nothing to worry about. I have just yet to find the perfect… storage for these gorgeous babies. 

mess5 by you.

Now the clothes u see at the bottom of the wardrobe are actually clothes that I’ve just washed but too lazy to fold or hang them. However, I must admit that I get less beauty sleep and calmer mornings and lousier PMS because it’s so hard to find my clothes. Maybe that’s why i’m always like: “But i don’t have anything to wear!!!”


Basically i need everything!!! A coffee table that lets me store my stuff, a bookcase for the neerdy part of me, more shoe racks or shelves for the self-proclaimed shoeholic, and a bigger wardrobe.

I need these to get organised!  

Okay okay okay. The thing is, i already had a plan. Because i found out about IKEA’s Go Clean Your Room Contest (what turf, sounds just like my mom).

ScreenShot036 by you.

And, this is totally unbelivable, but you can actually be rewarded for having a messy room.

I knew it. All my life i have been waiting for this moment. A life altering transformation! Effortlessly! 

I just need to send in a photo or a video of the room that i think need some magical transformation. Then upload the photo or video in the IKEA website and tell everyone why i deserve to win.

ScreenShot037 by you.

There’s 2 parts to this contest. In the first tier, IKEA will reward RM2,000 IKEA vouchers to the top 5 (hopefully I’m one of them) messiest room that deserves a makeover. In the second tier, these 5 will then use the IKEA vouchers to pick up some IKEA storage solutions that they think can best help them organise their room. The best makeover will win RM5,000 IKEA vouchers. 

If you would like to participate in to contest too, just snap a photo or record a video of your messy room and upload it to www.IKEA.com.my. Otherwise, VOTE FOR ME!!!! I need the RM2,000 for a room makeover!!!

Log on to www.IKEA.com.my now .