Or a puppy. Or a bunni. Whatever. I actually prefer bunni. It’s cuter. But somehow a bunni in Japan is very likely to give people a wrong impression. So i typed hamster.

Anyway, i dunno how it works in school nowadays, but if i’m allowed to write my essay with tons of pictures slot in between words, i for sure can score this “My Life as a Hamster in Japan” essay.

For once i feel like turning my blog into one of those– this morning i had yaki onigiri with umeboshi on top, and then i went online and chatted with Carolyn, she told me her cousin’s uncle want to introduce me to his godson. I wonder if the godson has got smelly feet. We loled. And then i listened to MEG’s Beautiful. I love that song. And then about 3pm i opened a pack of Jagabee potato chips, it is slightly salted one. It is nice and crispy. Now my left knee is a bit itchy. I think i got bitten by a mosquito. Ok i am going off to pachinko now, bye xoxo– blogs.

I really don’t have much interesting things to blog about, just in case you are expecting some, screw-Lonely-Planet-and-read-my-26-day-complete-guide-in-Japan thing.

(By the way i don’t get paid by writing Omg Cheesie’s Professional Guide to Travel in Japan! okay. Hmm. Well, i kinda do, but you know what i mean. Hmm.)

I am locking myself up in the room most of the time. When TK’s at work. So I’m like his little pet hamster. He comes back and feeds me during lunch time and then plays with me. Nom nom nom nom.

chow1 by you.

Chow of the day choice A. (Look i don’t even have a table. It is put on the carpet and i will sit on the floor and eat. I mean, nibble. Gnaw. Whatever.)

(Erm… what are the chopsticks for again?)

His aunt cooked one. Some taugeh with leek and egg and yakiniku. I dunno why but it taste exactly like Chau Kuey Teow minus the kuey teow.

chow2 by you.

Chow of the day Choice B

Yakiniku and egg and cabbage.

yakionigiri by you.

Chow of the day Choice C

Yaki onigiri + Hokkaido cheese stick.

yakionigiri2 by you.

Nom nom nom on the floor. I feel like a proper hamster. Except i am expected to clean up my own poo. And sometime help trim Master’s eyebrow.

And by the way when i say choice i mean Master’s choice, not hamster’s choice.

walk1 by you.

am allowed to take pictures.

out by you.

Hamster is allowed out for a walk.

Hamster is have plenty of free time! When i talk to my human friends online, they are all like, “Omfg what are you doing here online!!! Go out!!! You are in Japan!”

I’m in Nara, by the way. And i stay in this place which is like 2832649 planets away from… from… from err… i dunno (not shopping center, not amazing 24-hour supermarkets, not yummy restaurants, not adult shops and definitely not pachinko and game center. Hmm… what leh?)

(Come to think of it Nara has got everything. I’m really quite pleased with it.)

(I mean, come on, what can a hamster demand?)

And i didn’t expect to do much traveling in the first place. Just… you know, spend some time here. The damn ticket was so cheap anyway. By the way traveling domestic in Japan is much more expensive than traveling overseas from Malaysia so i guess i will continue to lock myself in the room and have myself fed hamster food.

japansnack by you.

1. Jagabee potato chips

To avoid confusion with actual potato chips, you know, like Chipster chips, i shall call it Jagabee fries. But it is not actually fries. It’s difficult. But it’s better than Mc D fries for sure. For suuuuuuure.

yakiniku1 by you.

2. Yukke

Some raw ground beef with sesame oil. Sooo good.

tamagokakegohan by you.

3.  Tamago kakegohan

Favorite. So simple so nice. A hamster can’t ask for more.

gyutan by you.

3.5 (i added this picture later and i’m too lazy to change all the numbers below so i put 3.5 ok) Gyutan.

It is so delicious i might consider naming my baby Gyu Tan in the future.

spam by you.

4. Spam

Wooo i dunno why it looks like some proper hamtaro food. Don’t you think?

hokahokabento (6) by you.

5. Hoka Hoka bento

My favorite bento in the world. On a rainy day we will drive out and tapao Hoka Hoka for dinner. I <3 Hoka Hoka HOI SOMEONE PLEASE OPEN ONE IN MALAYSIA OREDI!!!!

hokahokabento (7) by you.

Then i will ask for Mentaiko topping. 80 yen each.

hokahokabento by you.

Super Shogayaki bento

hokahokabento (3) by you.

Karaage Special bento

hokahokabento (4) by you.

This one i dunno how to read the kanji.

hokahokabento (5) by you.

With mentaiko topping <3 <3 <3

hokahokabento (2) by you.

Tori Mayo Don.

machamochi by you.

6. Four season fruit ice with green tea mochi and special tea… set thingie

macharoll by you.

7. Macha swiss roll and Yuzu tea + marmalade.

dessert by you.

Hey, it doesn’t sound too bad to be a hamster now, does it?

Ok i am going off to pachinko now, bye xoxo.