Tons of beautiful pictures from Scotland. But this was the most torturing day for us.

We joined a day tour by to the highlands, Glencoe and Lochness. We paid about £42 each which i think is great if you are lazy to drive. But the entire journey was just quite the beh tahan.

lochness3 by you.


The scenery was amazing all the way up the highlands, but we just dozed off only. Still suffering from jet lag, we had to put up with 7 or so hours drive in the bus what turf.

Scotland is like the greenest place i’ve ever been to in my life. It’s just vast, lush green all the way.

lochness24 by you.


Meh meh everywhere.

lochness1 by you.


Some highland moo moo.

lochness2 by you.


Oh moo moo and i have the same hair color!

lochness7 by you.


Looks like some cool camera effect! Like very fun to skateboard there liddat!

lochness4 by you.


Some Loch  (lake in scottish).

lochness5 by you.




Pls don’t look at my shoes pls don’t look at my shoes pls don’t look at my shoes.



All these are taken from the bus window. If only i could get rid of the reflection it would be perfect! Hate reflections!

lochness14 by you.


Reached Loch Ness!




Going on a boat ride that cost £1o.

lochness16 by you.


Ok this picture is cool because of the reflection. Ok la i don’t hate reflection so much liao.

lochness15 by you.


Vene saw a Nessie lol.


Honestly right, i think the lake is ovverated lo. I mean, all you see is some sticker nessies stuck on the boat windows and water and some mountains lo. And we almost froze to death on the deck. And it’s £1o leh. You can skip this ride and just buy a postcard la really.

lochness18 by you.


lochness20 by you.


Bloody damn cold.



Ok you have seen enough pretty scenery now it’s time for some ugly. So we went to this waterfall right, and i almost stepped on this bloody thingie:

lochness22 by you.


Slug. FML.

lochness23 by you.


Got a fatter one. FML 2x.

We only reached Edinburgh at night and it felt like we had traveled through space and time, fought a war with Chubaka and giant Nessie and back. Aih.

And all we wanted to do was sleep. FOL.

But because we only had one last day left in Edinburgh, we die die also dragged our ass out to the city to have a pint of pear cider.

And that was the first time we saw Edinburgh in (near) dark. We normally slept before 10PM and it was still completely bright.


Yellow taxi! ^^


Just rained lo. Damn cold.





This is the street where we stayed. Where the ghost tour came every night and told creepy stories FML.

Anyway. End of Scotland.

I have no idea where i wanna go next yet. I’m pretty much done with all the places i can afford and want to go at the moment.

Tell me your favorite place in this world that you have visited/would like to visit?