is when you sometimes feel offended by being 25.

There were a few shockers that happened recently that made me go completely pensive. First of all my longest friend Ichigo told me she needs me to design a set of white nail art set for her because she’s getting married. I went OMFG for one whole week.

And then yesterday i was filling up some form, and i was forced to tick the little squarie next to “25-29” under the age category. And i felt very offended. Why can’t they put 21-25 instead of 20-24?!

Ok. Doesn’t matter in a year’s time, anyway. Actually. Less than a year.

YOU SEE? You get petty with all these technicalities!

Anyway i could hardly believe it. I mean. 5 years ago i was 20. And i could hardly believe that i was 20. FML. I dunno man. I can’t like, complain to anyone older than me. They will just stare at me with their STFU eyes with piercing poignancy.

When i told mom she was like, “man, i feel you. When i was 18 i thought i was old. Wait until i was 25, i thought now i’m really old. Then when i hit 30, i thought i couldn’t be any older and 25 was the best age. Before i knew it i was 35. Then 40. Then it doesn’t matter anymore.”

So the moral of the story is, in the end it won’t matter anymore. End of moral of the story.

So i shall stop panicking. Stop getting depressed over the fact that you are about to stop growing up and start growing old. But also it’s time for a reality check. As much as i don’t feel 25, i do, feel the need to take care of myself as a 25 yr old. Being independent, managing commitments, making big decisions, buy house, buy car, buy insurance policies, buy whatever.

And then there’s the physical thing. You start to get paranoid about your health, your skin, your bulges.

One day i was shopping with Ichigo, we went to this skin care shop and she started browsing the anti-aging product range. I went OMFG for 5 whole minutes. (I had never, ever thought that i will ever needed them!). They say you should start using anti-aging products as early as 25 year old because that’s when your metabolism starts to decline and you don’t wanna wait until you see the first signs of wrinkles blah blah. And now i started to look at anti-aging products. FML.

Yea i get it. The more the reason to splurge on expensive products, buy supplements and eat nourishing food and stay healthy.

I’m already starting a healthy regime. Share with you another time.

salad1 by you.

Cindy eat healthy salad.

salad2 by you.

I eat healthy sandwich.

Well, that’s just one (1, satu, yat, ichi) of the many, many ways of maintaining good health.

And talking about staying healthy, apart from the whole 25 paranoia, something has recently prompted me to make an initiative to stay healthy. To put it simply, as an incentive to encourage everyone to be as healthy as possible, up to RM500 in bonuses are given out to you per year if you are healthy!

(It is amazing. Because you can choose to redeem the bonus for cash to do more shopping, buy organic chicken to cook herbal soup, sign up for gym etc to stay healthier. it’s a positive cycle! :D)

Well, i will elaborate soon, stay cheesed to find out more about how you can get rewarded by staying healthy! ^^