As requested! ^^

This is my first time doing video tutorials. I think i’m hopelessly bad at it (camera shy what turf) so just bear with me. (I purposely put nice music so if you get annoyed by me you can still enjoy music what turf.)



Classic Japanese-Inspired Hair Bun

Super simple. You will get addicted to it. I bun my hair up everyday now. And if you have mastered the skill, all you need is one rubber band + 2 hair pins. No spray needed.

Ok i lied. It took me more than one minute. But that’s because i’m doing it vvvery slowly (and i can’t multitask. Talking and styling hair is multitasking.)



Bigger and Fluffier Hair Bun

This one you will need a lot of hair spray.

I meant hair “bun” in 0:09. Sorry i kancheonged. :X



Everyone’s Fav Hair Bow

Well i have seen many youtube videos on hair bow tutorials and they didn’t work for me. Take too long time and too complicated (normally 8 minutes).

So this is what i called Cheesie Cheat Style Hair Bow. Can do it in less than 3 minutes definitely. If i don’t talk.

I personally prefer big big hair bow.

That’s before i re-colored my hair. Can see the annoying two tones.

Ze End.

Hope you all find it useful. Ask me if you have any questions i will try to help. ^^