After coming back from Adidas Action 3 Roadshow, i can tell you, my armpit will smell nice (and different everyday) for the rest of my life.

Was invited to the Action 3 new deodorant launch @Mid Valley. Action 3 is also the main sponsor for Project Alpha.

I had to do the roll-mini-football-into-the-yellow-line thing, and i got it spot on the first time! Then i tried to do it again it was just damn fail. I always have this first-timer luck thing.

I remember the first time i played Wii bowling, they were teaching me the tricks to swing the console whatever, i didn’t even listen to it, and i got 3 Turkey. 3 ok. That’s like, 9 strike straight.

So anyway, since i don’t exercise a lot, i shall spray some Action 3 when i play Wii sports. 😀

I got to play this game, just press a button and wait for the light to stop at a random number.

And i got 3! Which according to everyone is the best prize!!!

Won an Adidas backpack. 😀 😀 😀

Hmmm. Backpack sounds fun. Maybe from now on i could be a gorgeous (and of course with nice smelling armpit) backpacker and travel around some exotic eastern Euro countries, and i will meet a hot Brazillian backpacker and we can have gorg—

Wait. Brazil is not in Europe.


adidas1 by you.

I was also given RM200 to choose whatever product i like! And you have no idea how hard it is!!! I practically took each of everything and then Natalie was like, still can take summore. Oh, still can take summore i think. Oh, i think there’s still room for…

I mean, it is awesome!! So affordable and so nice smelling!

Why hasn’t it occured to me before that i could make my armpit smell nice?!! I had been soooooo blinded!

So much products!!! I’m gonna give to all my friends and make them smell awesome too!

Anyway, i have tried everything and i’m gonna tell you what i think of them!

My favorite is Pro Clear!

Which is also the best selling product! It smells like sugar candy, and a bit like guava, i love it! It’s also suitable for girls who like to do intensive sports and sweat a lot. Although i hardly sweat, I would so totally use i as fragrance! I didn’t know i could make my armpit smell like candy and guava! Isn’t this amazing?

I kinda like Control too. It smells slightly sweet and mellow. It is a balanced formulation between heavy sweat and clear deodorant.

adidas15 by you.

There’s also Sensitive, with soothing aloe vera to calm sensitive and irritated skin.

For Fresh, it smells very like mother nature. Floral and all.

adidas16 by you.

As for Pure, it is specially designed for people who do not want the deodorant to interrupt their perfume. So it just has this very faint, clear scent.

I even tried the men’s Action 3 series ok!

I like Fresh the best. It’s quite metro and sensual. The rest is a little strong for me, especially Pro Level, which is designed for athletes who do heavy sports. It smells really masculine.

The shower gels all smell awesome too! very fruity and citrusy!

As for men’s, its really convenient, because it is Hair & Body 2 in 1!! So convenient, super great to bring for traveling!

The deodorant spray is priced at RM16.90 and the roll-on RM9.90 whereas the shower gel is RM12.90 each.

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