I have Bean Boozled.

Porkie got it from UK. It’s a Jelly Belly special edition and it taste absolutely horrible. Well, half of it does, anyway.

beanboozled1 by you.

In the box there are 8 types of colors, but 16 different flavors. A mix of pleasant and simply outrageously atrocious flavors, such as rotten egg, buttered popcorn, toothpaste, berry blue (as you can see i’m clearly reading from the label. So maybe you can read it yourself to save my typing time).

Trust me, that’s like one of the mostest grossestest things you can ever put into your mouth. Unless you actually attempt to put vomit or booger into your mouth.

BeanBoozled2 by you.

The problem is, each pair of them looks exactly the same. You have as much chance of eating a sweet mellow fruit just as much as somebody’s barf juice.

ScreenShot001 by you.

Bean Boozled Edition 2 has even more crazy shit. Skunk Spray what turf. Canned Dog Food. Great. I can feed it to Cheddie.

I wonder what shit they are gonna come up with next. Pun may or may not be intended.


KY couldn’t tahan mouldy cheese (What turf???) and I thought vomit was the worst. It tasted almost, but not quite, entirely unlike vomit.

Watch our nasty adventure!

Putting this entry under “Bon Cheesepetit” is most magnificently ironic. I should create a new category called “Self Torture”. All for your amusement. FOL.