Because i am damn good at Wii Sports Resort. It is damn the omfg fun!


Photos from Arthur’s Day!

bep2 by you.


I dunno why my camera is so damn good. Maybe it is just me.

bep3 by you.


I dunno why everybody is referring it as the Black Eyed Peas Concert. It is not! I know they are important and all that nonsense, but there are other great artists also like DannyOne (nudge nudge)!

BEP’s live performance was crap anyway. I watched them like some 5 years ago, no improvement one. Cheat One™. Fergie can’t sing for cashew and pistachio and other kinds of bloody nuts. An eggplant can sing better than her. Either that or the sound system was to blame. Voice was breaking up down left right centre what turf.

But overall it was good fun! Guinness Draught is awesome! So foamy!


bep10 by you.


We were in Silver Zone man, don’t pray pray. Did you guys suffer outside like smelly sardins? Wahahahha.





KY and i both suspected that Cindy crashed the Guinness party as a Tiger Beer hottie lol.

bep9 by you.




This is so omfg awesome. Live slide show from the camera!


Lainey Cheat One™ wear yerrow karer.


Great fireworks to end the night too. So awesome.




My parcel from Baci arrived! Online shopping is quite different from actual boutique shopping! The anticipation is so fun!

I know that my purple phase is finally dying. Because i find myself buying these two colors now:

1. Red + Gold
2. Light blue + white

Fine. 4 colors.


Studded fringe vest RM69
Metal Eyelet bag RM89



Hairband RM29
Handbag RM79




By the way i’m now super duper mega ultra loving The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (will be referred to as H2G2 in the future). It is potentially the funniest book ever written in the universe (though my love for Nick Hornby will never change). And it is so full of rubbish! Total nonsense. But good rubbish and better nonsense anyway!

Marvin is my mostest ultimatest favoritest robot in the world. I mean, galaxy. He’s so depressed all the time that he makes me happy (errr, schadenfreude).

You guys should read it! So that i can make H2G2 jokes and you can relate to it and not stare at me (or my blog) liddis: -_- (or liddis: O.o)

Ok super tired bye now!




BB Update:

7 days until i get my new Blackberry Curve 8520 from Xpax!

Lol today KY commented that iPhone is created for men who cheat because their girlfriends/wives can’t figure out how to use one. Either that or it is not good for long nails. The BB comes with QWERTY keyboard, which is awesome! So make sure you and your bf both get a BB! ^^

bb8520 by you.

Oredi thought of wallpaper! 😛

Go to Xpax to pre-register!