(Before i proceed with this entry i’d like to say that there’s no such thing as natural make up. Putting any form of substance that asthetically enhances your face temprarily doesn’t fall into the nature category. But i was lack of a more suitable title.)


My make up is always very Japanese inspired. Although they have many different styles of make up, but i realized there are two major style, which is completely different from each other.

One of which, also my favorite, is the Super Kao until Ah Ma Also Cannot Recognize make up that totally makes you look like a doll. Basically you just keep on adding make up on your face until you end up looking like one of these girls:

Spot the difference.



And then lately when i was flipping through Zipper, i was very inspired by the second style—Natural Make Up (yea right, for want of a better word).

It generally looks like this.

It will look as if they have no make up on, but you know they have a lot of make up on.

Well, that is what i will attempt to do to day—to cheat a “no make up” look with make up.

Obviously if you put make up then you will look made up, but the thing is a lot of guys are quite dumb most of the time they really can’t differentiate whether that’s your real lashes or the effect of 5X volume mascara.

So in this tutorial you will learn how to cheat the guys into thinking you are such a “natural beauty” who doesn’t put make up, with– in actual fact, a lot of make up.

It is super easy and fast to do because it totally involve no big eye lens, no false lashes and 89 different eye shadow colors. So in a way it is, indeed, less artificial.

Here’s how.



Of course, to look like you have no make up on, you must have damn good skin. So if you don’t have, you have to cheat. Apply tinted mositurizer or BB cream all over your face for a sheer look (strictly no foundation), then use concealer. I’m using Make Up Forever’s concelaer No.3.


Brow is very important!!! One thing i notice about the No Make Up Style, is that they really don’t draw their eyebrows. Even if they do, it’s minimal. I cannot tahan girls who draw their eyebrows like Crayon Shinchan.

nat2 by you.


Don’t draw your eyebrows if you have nicely shaped one. If you have cacat eyebrow or tragically uneven one like mine, HA! I rescue you!

I just discovered this Self Tanning Eyebrow thing (i can’t find the brand. Apparently the brand is Self Tanning Eyebrow wtf) which is the savior for all browless monsters!!! πŸ˜€

nat3 by you.


It’s some kind of ink that gives you a translucent tint on eyebrow. Looks totally amazing!

nat4 by you.


No need to use eyebrow pencil anymore. And the good thing is that it is water resistant and lasts forever! Β The bad thing is, i dunno where you can buy this. I got it from Don Quijote Japan. So i can’t really rescue you. :S



Because your make up is so minimal, you can afford to play up a bit on the cheek. Use rosy pink blusher to make you look flushed!

Tip: Brush it outwards, starting from under your eyebag to cheek bone. A lot of people to it from cheekbones inwards, but to achieve this look, you just have to do what i say la.


nat6 by you.


No eyeshadow. Just a fine line of liquid liner to make your eyes look less like shit. If you draw it thin enough you will look like you have no eyeliner on. Awesome.



Ok this is a bit tricky. Mascara definitely makes you look made-up, especially if you do the kao kao spider leg type. But you know what they say, mascara is always allowed even though you don’t put make up. So. *shrug*.



No lipstick/ shimmery gloss. Just pure color gloss. I super love Rimmel’s Shock Gloss. Damn cheap also.



Lightly dab mineral powder all over your face for a smooth finish. I use Laura Mercier’s SPF Mineral Powder. Damn good also (email me if you wanna buy a brand new one for a 50% discount).

And DONE!!

Tie all your hair up in a bun for full quote unquote natural effect. And wear the most plain top of course.

You will be surprised you actually don’t look too shit at all without 3KGs of make up. ^^