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So many concerts, so little time! And i’m giving out free tickets again!

If you love Chinese pop songs and are a fan of Hong Kong or Taiwanese artists, this is something you cannot miss!

TGR0098-Music-poster-eng-20x30N by you.

Organized by Tiger Beer, T Music Festival is a 5-hour long marathon concert which features some of the most femes stars from Asia, held on 12th September, 7pm at Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Surprisingly, i have almost every artist’s song in my iTune!

Of course we all know  Joey Yung (容祖兒).

xin_450902141512390231706 by you.

I think she’s one of the celebrities whose look changed the most without plastic surgery (i think la). I once saw an interview of her on TV, the host was like, wtf how come you are so pretty now? And she told the audience how she learnt very hard to smile without showing her gum because last time everyone called her Nga Yuk Mui (牙肉妹) lol.

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Then got Justin (側田). I like almost every of his songs and i wanna see him sing live!

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Power Station. Their most famous song is Walking along Jhonghsiao East Street Nine Times (忠孝東路走九遍). Which thanks to this entry, is now stuck in my head. Urgh!

z128252232 by you.

Kay Tze (謝安琪)

W020080109497291017562 by you.

David Tao (陶喆). I just realized i have almost 40 of his songs in my iTune.

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Z Chen (張智成)

Malaysia’s pride!! They always compare him to David Tao but i think he is a really great singer. I went to get his autograph once in Seremban Parade lol.

Apart from the aforementioned, there’re also people i haven’t heard of. So i went googling their names and it was quite fun.

There’s this guy called Khalil Fong i thought he’s some kind of exotic mix.

khalil_fong20081212023106.jpg0 by you.

Mana tau look so Ah Beng one.

Soler01 by you.


When i saw it on the promo poster i was like wtf? Are you sure they put the right picture or not. Then i went youtubing their songs. It’s really funny to see them sing in Mandarin and Cantonese O.o

Other artist who would be performing that day are:

Kenny Kwan (HK); Sam Lee (Taiwan) Jade Liu and Ocean (China); James and Chin (Thailand); Kelvin Tan (Singapore), and Eric Lim, Kay, Manhand, Andrew Tan and Rickman from Malaysia!

Tickets for “T. Music Festival” are priced at RM268, RM168, and RM118 for numbered seating; and RM68 for free seating. The tickets will be available for sale starting 8th August 2009 (Saturday), 12pm at Galaxy Ticket Counter, Sungei Wang Plaza Concourse. The Hong Kong duo band, Soler shall appear at the ticket launch for a song performance and autograph session at 12:30pm. Fans may stand a chance to win “T. Music Festival” entry tickets by participating in a game onstage.

For more info, log on to www.galaxy.com.my or www.axcess.com.my.



Here’s the exciting part!

Just drop a comment and tell me who you’re looking forward to watch perform on that day and why.

The best 10 answers will win a pair of tickets worth RM168 each!!

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