is what they say one ok, at the NNawards. I not so buay paiseh!


At first i was really meh about the whole SG thing. To be honest i didn’t really wanna go and not all that excited about it due to certain personal trauma in the past. But then now i think it was an OMFG fun trip!!! In fact it is a little bit too fun to my liking i scared i will start to like SG and hate Msia more. -_-

But, thank you Nuffnang. Was one of the best events i’ve ever attended. And thank you other people who spared their time for my… erm… pleasure especially HuiWen and my roommate Pinky, who made the trip absolutely memorable i <3 u all.

I had a major headache the last few days before the award because i didn’t know what to wear!

Everyone was asking “HAVE YOU BOUGHT YOUR DRESS!!!666” I was like whaaaaaaaaat really need to wear like gowns and whatnot meh! Was really terrified by the amount of enthusiasm people have for hunting that special dress just for the event. And for the first time i thought i would be so under-dressed i will end up looking like a brown paper box at the corner of the hall.

Summore Wendy was like, “OF COURSE MUST WEAR NICE GOT REPORTER ONE OK!!” Really omfg  pressure ok. T_T

I didn’t pack until the very very last minute. Really like, 5 hours before leaving for SG. Panicked,  i chucked the only dress i haven’t sold already into my luggage. And that was what i wore to the awards.


I bought this in Bali. It’s like a kaftan/kimono one piece, really simple. If you lay it flat it is just a piece of square cloth with one hole and plenty of sequins. And i love the color!!! It looks like Paddle Pop! Maybe they should call me Paddle Pop Princess instead.

We left KL at 8am and checked into our hotel in SG only like, 5.30PM in the evening and the award was like, 7PM FOL!!!

It was damn challenging how to turn a sleepless walking zombie into a Pop Princess who walks on the red carpet within 1.5 hours FML!!! YOU TELL ME HOW!

But then because i am brilliant like that and with all my Cheat One™ skill, i changed and did my make up and my hair all in 1 hour summore still got time to stick on bling blings.


Except that my nails looked horrible.

I love my make up that day because i somehow managed to match my dress with some Paddle Pop eyeshadows too and too bad i didn’t have time to take for pictures for a tutorial. maybe next time.

Ok time for tons of pix. I spent so much time editing them even though i have like 837713198 adverts to write you guys better use toothpick pry your eyes open and see properly (and maybe spot some PS flaws if you like)!!!


Your Best Entertainment Blogger.

DO YOU KNOW HE WAS WEARING BLUE CIRCLE LENS THAT DAY WAHHAHAHA Kenny you are officially more vain than me.




Tziaaaaaaaaaaa ( i always dunno how many A to put so i just press long long only)


Paddle Pop princess and and Cream cake Princess wtf. Somehow i managed to look as small as her if not smaller in this pic wtf.

Oh and my boobies zou guang so i blinged it and give it a bit more guang.


I dunno la why everytime i meet this girl i cannot pose any other way except liddis. She damn cute wtf i hate her.




Redmummy. Damn sad this is like the only pic of me with my shoes HELLO YOU KNOW HOW MANY HOURS I TAHAN THE PAIN nobody cares about my shoes!!!!

nnaward12 by you.

This is Violet Le Beaux she is so. damn. cute. Omg omg i love her everything her hair and nails and everything else!


My manager wtf without him i can eat grass or dead Xmas tree outside my balcony, turn green and die.

And i’m doing him a big favor by cutting his botak head off so he more hensem nao heheheh!


Wendy i dunno how she wanna PS her face so i didn’t do much she’s already gorgeous anyway with her new small face and all so jeles iosowan!!!!!!


Your Best Entertainment Blogger again why must he act so proper one wtf he’s supposed to be entertaining everyone in the room!


Awww he sharing his trophy with me wtf i feel like the woman behind the entertaining man or something wtf.




OK i wanna die nao. I have adverts lined up all the way till 11th next month FML liao. I’m running out of things to bribe you all. Tell me what you want me to blog about!

If anyone has any more of my pic, pls pls send me or post the link here kthxbai!!!