Today i’m going to show you my new recipe for something simplest and most convenient like Maggi Mee!

I will never spend more than 30 mins cooking my meals at home (except when i screwed up a risotto once. Ok, twice. Or when something went chao da/uncooked, etc etc), because i find that spending 1 hour and 48 minutes and 31 seconds preparing a meal for one person is an insane idea. There are only two outcomes:

a. A sense of warm satisfaction fails to cross your tummy because you are feeling super tulan for having to cook so long and you are already fungry and gobble down the whole thing in 2 minutes, and the fact that you finish whatever you so painstakingly prepared for 1 hour 48 minutes and 31 seconds makes you even more tulan.

b. A sense of warm satisfaction fails to cross your tummy because you have already lost your appetite having sipped and smelled and tried every so often during your 1 hour 48 minutes and 31 seconds of cooking. (And more often than not and without any disappointment, it inevitably taste as bad as you imagine it to be.)

In another word, i prefer something fast but yummy. And i guess you can’t really disagree that the fastest thing to cook is Maggi Mee. If only i can make it more yummy by cooking it my way. Which i can.

Welcome to Chef Cheesie Carême‘s (née Antoine) (just to make me sound more pro and exotic) Kitchen.

She will show you how to prepare her famous, unique, out-of-this-world Maggi Recipe.

Ha! This is her million Ringgit secret: A pack of Maggi Mee, any flavor. An egg. Some butter, mayonaise and…

What else but Mentaiko Chef Cheesie Carême always so obsessed with!! (In fact at one point she briefly contemplated about changing her blog name to

Let’s begin cooking!

1. First you cook the Maggi the usual way. Everyone knows this la. Take it out when ready and put aside.

2. Spread some butter on the pan and start frying your Mentaiko. You can either scrap the roes out of its sacs or just cook the whole thing. If you are lazy. Or expert like Chef Cheesie Carême.

3. Add some mayonaise to it. However much you want. Continue frying.

4. Pour your Maggi Mee in and fry together.

5. When you smell something so great you cannot tahan you drool uncontrollably, then you know it’s time to serve.

6. Poke a hole (optional) in the center of Mentai Maggi.

7. Add a soft boiled egg in the entre of the mee, and sprinkle some seaweed strips.

8. Done.

9. And you may now eat it. (taste great with cold Buckwheat tea.)

The entire gourmet experience takes about 15 minutes. Including eating.

Try it yourself!! Of course i don’t expect you to be as expert as Cheesie Carême . But you know, practice makes perfect!



Have you ever come up with your own unique Maggi recipe?

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