#2 Pinkyyyyyyy



Yang Hui Wen I miss u T_T


That day i was just talking how ridiculous human go and fry Mars Bars as if they don’t die fast enough. And i being someone with absolutely no principle whatsoever, ate just the very food i condemned. Brilliant.

But because is YangHuiWen belanja one so i <3


MOS Scallop and Asparagus burger why oh why Malaysia you dun like MOS Burger whyyyyy.

#7 Michael the geek blogger from AU!


With Phoebe Lady Melbourne at Media Corps for interview.


Outside the radio studio.


BB Update


I think this whole Xpax Blackberry thing is an omfg cult. Everyone who owns it worships it and would automatically (and most often aggressively and forcefully) attempt to convert every non BB user around them into one.

Taken with my BB

It took me only 12 minutes and 35 second and a couple of  BBM and twitter demo to convince Iyvene to join this impetuous cult.

Teman her to Blue Cube Pavilion to get her BB!!! YAY!

i just realized everything i wore was from BACI today. Like, everything, except the shoes. Cuz BACI doesn’t have size 4. FML.

Leather corset: BACI

Necklace: BACI



Bangles: BACI

Jeans: BACI

Headband: BACI

Anyway, still not too late to get ur Xpaxbb!!!