Like i said, i am a spectacularly confused person.

If you ask me what my favorite color is, i might tell you it’s pink. But nothing in my wardrobe is pink now, and nothing in my living room is pink.

I tembak saja when it comes to home deco. It is so hard to buy pink furniture, and forsee myself staying in this place for a long long time, so i dowan to turn 35 and my whole bedroom is pink. -_-

In fact my living room is a disastrous mix of white, beige and apricot. I only realized that it is a truly atrocious mix of color scheme after i attended this Nippon Paint Workshop.

How i wish i have attended it before i furnished my house. T_T

nipponpaint12 by you.


We learnt a lot about colors that day, and we were given free hand to play with the colors all we want.

nippon0 by you.

Workshop conducted by Ms. Gladys Goh and Ms. Wong Meng Lee.

It was a really eye-opening lesson! I never knew colors have so many meanings and evoke so much emotion and energy. For example, did you know that Orange means vitality, but it could also mean inexpensive?? (In another word, cheap. No wonder Firefly paint their planes orange. Come to think of it, it is true! I couldn’t think of anything branded/expensive that’s orange! Can you?)

Also, Purple means creativity and spirituality. But too much of it can also cause depression! So choice of  color is very very important for your home.

Ok Let’s see what the colors of my newly revamped blog means.

Ok it is mostly pink. But pink also got so many types!!!!

cheeserland-color by you.


Every shade of pink has got love in it leh! No wonder everytime i open it i feel so loved. lol.

Ok la, immaturity, i admit. Sometimes i just refuse to grow up. And shy! i shy ok. And i’ve got Burnt orange on my html links. It means Opportunity!!! Then then then, burgundy is my text color ok and it means WEALTH! Means i’m going to be damn rich soon!!!

And did you see that! UNCONSCIOUS BEAUTY!!!!

Muahahaha. Ok i’m not supposed to know about it. Since it’s unconscious. Ahem.

Ok back to Nippon Paint workshop.

nipponpaint11 by you.


Reminds me of ice cream. Strawbie, Yam and Choco.


All of us had to come up with our own paint design. Using tools like sponges, masking tapes and brushes!


What do you think i was gonna do with that sponge? Hehehhe. I’m so predictable wtf.


Ok la i admit i was having a major dilemma of choosing yellow over pink or pink over yellow FML.

While i am busy painting, let’s see what others did on their creativity canvas ok!


KY with his, erm, multiple-colored bricks and a, erm, dead tree. I supposed he feels strongly about my dead Xmas tree outside my balcony.

I told him the painting is terrible. I think he got the picture. (pun!)


Beautiful Nara who refused to admit that it is his work. The match-stick pac man creatures.


Cindy and her blue tulips and flying snails.


HB and his, erm. I dunno. If one’s painting is supposed to reflect one’s current physical state, i would assume that he’s got severe hemorrhoid problem. -_-.

HB is just weird. But i really like his shit monster.


(Ok, in fact, it is.)


My painting.

I said i couldn’t decide if yellow or pink is better, so i used both. Threw in some lime green too.


Somehow i think the pink thingie looks more like a mini elephant than anything else. hmm.


My mastercheese.

After the grilling training, every blogger who attened the workshop that day is given a chance by Nippon Paint to makeover their room.

Everyone is going to do something to their room/wall/a piece of furniture. And i’m gonna do something with my tiny guest room. Stay cheesed to find out more about the make-over.

Meanwhile, yu can go to Nippon paint to find some inspirations too! ^^