Ok again, i dunno what title to put so again, it is a song i’m listening by Capsule.

Don’t ask me. I dunno what is a fruit clipper.


Raspberry clipper (might as well play along).

Top: Miss Selfridge

Shoe: Some bazaar

Studded hairband: BACI


Blueberry Clipper (quiet fun).


Belt: BACI

Heels: Some random market in Shanghai (i know right. buy ticket when cheap ok!)


Well, of course you know what’s up next ahem *sly* ahem.



Blackberry Clipper



ChingChing officially is one of the BB Cult member.

<3!!! She also sayangs her BB give it purple skin.

There are so many BB stories or BB related jokes i could tell you guys!

For example, BB Cult has officially become a religion (because cult only applies to the minority and almost everyone has/is going to have/will have/want to have a Blackberry ).

Everyone prays to their BB before food. (the sheer action of snapping a picture looks just like worshiping your almighty smatphone).

The only time when everyone’s BB touches the table is just after tweetpic (cannot do anything while the file is being uploaded).

Many more funny stories!!

Go drool over it at Xpax!



Of course fruit post ends with yummy fruits!!!

Momo sorbet and watermelon ice. The watermelon seeds are tiny choco balls. Omfg nom nom nom!! ^^