Ok the mall you all want to go is called Argyle Centre! If u take the MTR to Mongkok station, just follow the direction of Exit D2 and it will be right outside the exit. Thank you JoyJoyce for the info!! <3



Too many Disneyland pix i decided that i’m too lazy to edit 40000 photos so i’d blog about shopping first.

It was so awesome i still feel the happiness up till now (maybe because i haven’t really unpack yet.)

(i reckon instead of unpacking, i should just re-pack it since im going to Japan soooooon)


To be honest i almost hated my last trip to HK. I thought the fashion was horrible and the weather was crap. Therefore I didn’t expect much before this trip because i’ve already been to Disney HK and all that. But i guess the girls made it so so worth it. Everyone was so nice and fun and girly and shopaholic BIG <3!!! I don’t think i’ve ever had a awesomer all-girl shopping trip!

Anyway! I am so so glad that we met up with Suet.

Without her, i’d prolly be still sulking here thinking why everything in HK so expensive! Suet brought us to this shopping mall in Mongkok (i couldn’t remember what it is called, i think is Mongkok Zhong Sum or something, Suet help!!)

We <3 you Suet!!!

Wendy and i and Suet just went completely crazy in the mall because we only had 3 hours to do our speed shopping what turf. T____T

So busy shopping this is like the only pic we took together in the mall.

I think maybe this is my happiest purchase. I always have trouble finding a cap that fits me perfectly. You think caps are all the same but they are not! Some make me look like a mushroom or whatever but i finally found my perfect cap!!!

But i dunno why it says Seven. nemai. it will be my lucky number from now on.

Happy shopping!

Tim and Aud and Ming and Mike went to some famous restaurant for lunch but the 3 of us sacrificed the best goose or whatever in the world for SHOPPING. We believe that’s the most important thing in the world.

We can has nom!

Wendy and i had the famous Mango Lou tapao because we were so short of time must fully utilize every single second to hunt for good bargain T_T

Summore Wendy said “No one’s allowed to eat or pee or drink unless we’re really dying” god gotta love that attitude it’s gonna be my shopping motto nao!


I always thought that my pink craze is finally over, until i shopped with Wendy. It unleashed all the pinkness in me all over again -___-.

I think she bought like a million pink bags. In addition to the 10 cheezillion pink bags she already has.




Share with you some of my prized purchase!

In fact all of us bought almost all the same stuff because great minds think alike and all that we just have super brilliant taste in fashion what turf. It was so great!


Pink leopard print dress. Wendy got the original uhm, leopard color.



OMG totally love this pink and fluffy! Suet and i got the exact same bag and we were so so happy!

fur dress: HK$195

Pink bag: HK$ 95


My perfect Seven cap and fluffy scrunchie for my hair bun! πŸ˜€




Disney notebook omg buy two for 50% off! Aud and i each bought one!!

HK$135 for two


We already started to conteng!


Juicy wedge sandal. Wendy bought two pairs, in addition to the 129837 other pairs she already has.

HK$75 (i think)


Freaking huge My Melody bag can fit the entire Fourfeetnineaud inside can.

Wendy, Aud and i each bought one because it was so ridiculously cheap we were practically grinning like idiots when we left the stall.


But mine is already dirty after being tortured and beaten up in the custom fml sorry my melody T___T


Satin gloves

been looking for it foreverrrrrrrrr



Violet and light pink extension woohoo

HK$10 each


Damn sweet cardigan for like, HK$30!!!!


Disney slippers for HK$… zero!


You gotta <3 Disney! πŸ™‚

Sob really shop until damn broke & look bao card, hou yam goong ah what turf T_T



Ok that’s all!!! Disney pic soon! (Hopefully!)



Before i end this post i’m going to be super nice to you because i’m in such an ecstatic mood and streamyx is loving me today again, super speedy!


Nah. Vivi Jan 2010 πŸ™‚

Vivi Jan 2010