American cosmetic brand theBalm is finally available in Malaysia!!!

I lurrrrrrrve the packaging and the concept of it. So vintage, so theatrical!

The image of theBalm is a mix of sexy and serious, smart and funny, romantic and rebellious. Plus if you visit the website, you will notice that the brand has a passionate love for pets (especially pugs. Jojo Struys would so love this!!).

Gonna share with you some of the items i got from Balm!

#1 Sexy Mama

is an anti-shine, oil absorbing powder to perfect your face without a trace. Look at the compact box it is sooooo… compact and adorable and it’s totally fab to slip it in your handbag or clutch, no matter how small!!

You could use it after your moisturizer as a very light and sheer foundation. Its provocative power comes from tiny oil absorbing spheres that leave a soft, smooth matte texture behind. Just brush it lightly all over your face for the matte finish!

#2 Two Timer

Two-brushes mascara.

At one end it has a spiral brush that is called Marcus Lashalot, which is perfect for holding a large amount of product but still applying it evenly.

On the other end, it is an injection molded soft brush named Johnny Finetune. It stays true to his nickname by meticulously separating and lengthening each lash, causing a fan-like effect.

I like to have some of Marcus, then Johnny right after. It’s awesome.

#3 Down Boy

Paisley pink shadow/blusher is so so so <3!!! The color stands out instantly with just a light dab, and it makes you all flushed and charming and flirtatious and everything else!

I <3 this! The good-for-you talc & paraben-free formula is made of fine-graded powder for a smooth, even texture.

After you are done with your make up, apply a thin layer of Sexy Mama again to set the look.

On the 7th and 8th, remember to attend theBalm Live Make-up Fashion Show at the Mid Valley Megamall, North Court!

You will be meeting theBalm’s Celebrity Make-Up artist Jennifer Sullivan, who will be teaching you the latest tips and tricks. Unlike Cheesie’s tips which are almost, but not entirely always Cheat One™, Jennifer has developed an A-list clientele including Daryl Hannah, Rachel Zoe, and Katie Holmes. You get professional advices! ^^

Other goodies starting from 4-8 Nov:

Purchase RM160 during the road show & you will receive:

a FREE make-over & take home with you, your “Sexy-self” portrait photograph with thematic make-over choices exclusively created by theBalm

a free limited edition compact mirror from Sa Sa

a free gift (limited to first 50 everyday)

a ticket to theBalm Live Make-up presentation show by Jennifer, theBalm Celebrity make-up artist from USA (limited to first lucky 50 everyday)

a chance for the Lucky Dip worth up to RM8,500* (*prize is worth of up to RM6,500 of theBalm make-up & Sa Sa RM2,000 gifts certificates)

receive a 20% discount voucher from Miss Selfridge (limited to first 50 customer from 4 – 8 Nov)

See you there!!!