Smile: Cheddie +1 Koyuki 0

Fluffiness: Cheddie +1 Koyuki 0

Shed Fur: Cheddie +1 Koyuki 0


Maintenance: Koyuki +1 Cheddie 0

Intelligence: Koyuki +1 Cheddie 0

Independence: Koyuki+1 Cheddie 0 (I actually wanted to minus 1923874 marks for Cheddie in this department. Oh well.)


Princessness: Cheddie +1 Koyuki 0

OMFGCUTE Factor: Cheddie +1 Koyuki 0


Eye color: Koyuki +1 Cheddie 0 (Sorry i know this is unfair, but it can’t be helped. It’s like girls with big boobs get more mark. Bo bian.)


Strength: Koyuki +1 Cheddie 0

Alpha-ness: Cheddie +1 Koyuki 0


Stubbornness: Koyuki +1 Cheddie 0

Manjaness: Cheddie +1 Koyuki 0

Ok actually i should put minus instead. Doesn’t look like a plus point to me T_T


Hyperactiveness: Cheddie +1 Koyuki +1

Don’t underestimate Cheddie. She is hysterically ecstatic at times.


Size: Cheddie +1 Koyuki +1

Unfortunately, i love both BIG and toy-size dogs. T_T


Photogenic: Cheddie +1 Koyuki 0


Mischief: Cheddie -1 Koyuki -1

Both are equally impossible fml.


See they tulan each other FML.


Weight: Cheddie +1 Koyuki 0

(I can carry Cheddie in my handbag and bring her everywhere!)


Koyuki already terrorizing Cheddie’s cage.


*ignores each other.

Erm. >_<

Ok la that’s all. I MISS THEM!!!!!!!!!!




HYPE Update!

I wrote a post about them 3 months ago. And for those of you who do not know, HYPE is a online shopping boutique based in Singapore and does international shipping all over the world.

I know that alot of my readers loooove the clothes i posted but they didn’t buy it because the payment method was a bit mafan.


And good news for people whose flag shows MALAYSIA when you comment! (Some are AUS i dunno why, even though they stay in KL)!!!

HYPE now offers a new payment mode for Malaysians via Maybank Malaysia!

Now you all can just transfer funds from tyour account to their account instead of having to use a credit card. (Which means there is no extra credit card or paypal charges incurred!)

For Malaysians who do not have a Maybank account or credit card, you can still choose to pay by cash deposit via ATMs!

I much prefer their new collection. More sophisticated and less flowery!

As i was told, their products are designed and exclusively manufactured by HYPE, with full
control over the cuttings and choice of fabrics.
And my personal experience is that the quality is quite good! No shrinking of sizes after washing, no running of colours, etc.

Go get some gorgeous clothes for new year nao!!!