This is me. And Penny from Taiwan who speaks perfect Japanese. (They hosted her 3 years ago and she came by for dinner). My Okaasan, and my Otousan.

This picture was taken two hours ago.


This is me and my computer. I normally do my work in my room.



My Okaasan and Otousan are hardcore pasokon users also.

So i moved my laptop out and 3 of us will play with our own pasokon silently with the cat getting ignored dunno what to do what turf.

So fun ^^


Mom made us nabemono for dinner!

Tomato base seafood nabe! (no im not cursing).


When we finished the nabe, she poured cold rice inside the pot *gasps*


Add some mozzarella, AND MADE TOMATO RISOTTO what turf my host mom is such a cheesnius!!! I must try this when i get back to Malaysia!

It’s ze noms!!!


Also ate Xmas cake in a Santa cup i ♥ Japanese bakery shops. T_T

Ok very sleepy i’m gonna zzzz at 11PM on Xmas eve what turf.


Woohooo white xmas for me nananananana *gloats