Today i wanna give an environmental awareness lecture!!! And it is an ad. But because it is something very true to my heart, i plead you to read until the end. πŸ™‚

Given that i am supposed to be very bimbotic and everything, it almost sounds ridiculously idiotic for me to say that i want to save the world. But it is true. I really do strongly believe in protecting the environment, and it is really something that i do preach and practice.

Do you know what Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, 100,000,000 PET bottles are used every year?

and that 85,000,000 of them end up as garbage?

By the way PET bottles are your normal plastic mineral water/soft drink bottles. It is actually polyethylene terephthalate bottles, but i’m supposed to be too bimbotic to know that, so just pretend that i didn’t know.

Every time i throw away a plastic bottle, my heart cries. So imagine when i go to concerts or some outdoor event where they move and distribute cartons and cartons of mineral water and styrofoam lunch boxes. I always always wonder where they end up going, and i always secretly wish that one day the factories will stop producing all these plastic packaging completely, and let the human figure themselves out. Go back to banana leaves or whatever.

I know you can argue that i’m still polluting the environment with everything that i’m doing every single second while i’m still alive. I switch on the aircon. I don’t use old newspaper to wipe my buttock after toilet routine. I but too muc make up. Etc etc etc. But little little changes is what i can start with. Nothing that will make Port Dickson’s sea waterΒ turquoiseΒ in one day, nothing that will even give a remotely significant change. But at least i know there’s something i can do. And all of you can do.

For example, start with something as simple as refusing to take a plastic bag whenever you can. That’s why i love BIG HANDBAGS! πŸ˜€

Or tapao your lunch with your own tupperware. I can show you how.


You can just use a tupperware. It’s called a Reheatable Divided Lunch Box.


I love how it has different compartments so you can tapao your favorite Japanese food decorated nicely!

Then for dinner i will go to some dai pai dong to tapao using the tupperware!


Kai fan


Somehow tapaoing in tupperware make it looks even yummier because it looks like some homecook grandma bento box.


Cover up!


Crystal Wave Soup Mug to tapao the soup!


And the tupperware can be kept in this amazing little bag that fits everything just nicely (no more worrying about messy lunchbox/spilled curry etc).


And it looks nice!

I teach you a trick ok. If you want to smuggle food in to places that doesn’t allow outside food (restaurants, cinema, concert halls), this is where the bag comes in handy. People won’t even suspect that there’s food inside. Unless the whole world starts using it and it becomes a fashion statement.

Ok now please remember that you didn’t read the above paragraph from Thanks.


And back home, i can has noms!!! πŸ˜€

The special thing about it is that, this tupperware is a microwaveable container. Cold lunchbox that spoils your appetite?


(Ok let’s focus on the button and ignore my nails, k?)

There’s a removable silicon button.Β Just push it down for vents to open, for steam to escape while microwaving. So you don’t need to leave the whole lid open, or eat soggy mushy food.


Heat it up!


Tupperware also has an Eco bottle, that is made with non-toxic food grade material so you can have the peace of mind that your drinking water is always safe!


This is the other tupperware i have in my house.

I have already assigned a specific task for each of them! Hehe.

Last but not least, do you know that all Tupperware containers come with a lifetime warranty? They are so durable and strong that if there’s wear and tear, you can return them!

You just need one each of them and you can reuse them forever. Think of how many PET bottles and styrofoam boxes you have saved just by having one set of Tupperware?

I know now you are thinking that, “man, but now i need to wash the tupperware for my next tapao and i don’t even get a discount for not wanting the styrofoam box!”

Ok, honestly, if a super lazy person like me and do it, i dunno why you cannot. And FYI, i’m the laziest person i have ever seen. But from today every time i go downstairs to tapao my zhap fan, the tupperware would be with me. That’s my pledge.

If you would really do it, let’s say i give my rare admiration to you now. πŸ™‚

And thanks for reading till this line.
And now, if you pledge to reduce your carbon footprint, youΒ also stand a chance to win some Tupperware goodies. Join me in the pledge HERE!!!