See for yourself and i will never, ever answer any questions regarding my camera ever again. Ok.

Anyway, in Xiaxue’s house nao and i kena her bling disease.

Xiaxue is the expert la she guide Yanghuiwen me and Shuyin to do it and i’m so omfg noob i had so many bliging tragedy!!!

I almost glued my bloody flash shut. And my function ring is completely stuck now FML. But luckily i don’t think i will use it much. Actually even if flash is shut i can still use it la cuz this cam is so damn amazing with low lights.

Zhng until halfway i’m so damn bloody sleepy. I think i’m gonna sleep nao and continue tomorrow.

By the way the gemstones are from Arab Street and the stupid cakes and nonsense is from far east plaza. They are damn expensive la. It’s in Singapore and i dunno where you can get it from Msia. If you don’t wanna go to SG you may wanna visit The Sticker Monster and just buy it online! They have a lot of varieties and it’s cheap!

Ok beh tahan. Good night.



Twitter SMS

I so regret didn’t subscribe to the Twitter SMS thing by Channel X before i come to SG because my BB is not on roaming nao cannot receive/send any update. T__T

And i feel so left out cuz everyone here (really everyone. Xiaxue, Huiwen, Boss Ming) is like busy BBing then i just sit there like an idiot. I osowan. T_T. Not being rich enough to go on roaming all the time is my biggest travel woe T_T.

Just for RM1 a week i can has unlimited SMS. At least i get to receive updates every minute from people i <3.