As requested!

Anyway i think people who come back from Japan very lansi one dai dai also must show off their kaimono (shopping haul)! @fourfeetnineaud.

And i am sick!!! So predictable. I always tahan tahan tahan until i come back then straightaway sick until fml. Major flu until my nose totally not functioning until i had to give up Apple Strudel that Valentina got for me all the way from Perth fml. I will be generous and give it to #porkgang (my lousy twitter/BBM friends).

Ok talk to much, saliva also finish.


(Everything is in ¥ so do the conversion yourself!)

The best purchase is of course, my pink rug!!!

#1 Pink rug: ¥999

Not that it’s my fav item la but then it took me such effort to carry it back in cold wind from Don Quixote to hotel then from hotel to airport fml. BETTER BE WORTH IT!!

Anyway no regrets buying because it’s so bloody cheap and nao i can has pretty picture background instead of my dirty mosaic floor! Yay to pink rugs!

#2 Tokyo Street Guide ¥800

This book saved my life. Really. Made full use of it and went to almost all the major places it recommended. Absolutely no regret at all! Worth 5 star! You can also buy English version in any Kinokuniya. That should be the first thing you should do when/before you arrive Tokyo. Actually, reading Cheeserland is better still. Ahem.

#3 Magssssssssssss From ¥450-¥650

Got Vivi, Ranzuki, Scawaii and Jelly. I purposely put Popteen at the bottom so that i dont have to see Kumiko’s face (again). Hate her.

NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD MAGS ANYMORE MUAHAHAH. (Ok at least for another 2 weeks before March issues come out fml)

I hate to admit this but i hate download version of mags. Totally like no mood to read them :( I want to smell the text and touch the colorssssss!

#4 ¥0

This is freebie that comes with Scawaii!

Let’s see what it is!

#5 Polka panties

Wahahha matches my pink rug!!!

#6 New Year prayer charm ¥1000

Got it from Asakusa. For my fabulous 2010.

#7 various snacks ¥100-¥250

All food!!!  Mostly from 100Yen shop. Tempted to blog each and every of them but i scared everybody wait till die. So.

#8 Shiroikoibito Mille Feuille ¥800 i think (i always not confident enough to spell Mille Feuille without googling fml. T__T)

Shiroikotibito is damn ex this is like the cheaper one i damn kiam T___T. Got one more cocoa drink that cost bloody ¥250 but it’s like the best cocoa drink in the world T______T

#9 Nodoame ¥130

I had a mild sorethroat and it was killing me. I recommend everyone buy Nodoame (Throat candy), comes in many brands and flav. This is Mikan & Honey, not the best one. Try Yuzu & Honey. It really really helps!! Better than Strepsils! Serious!

Looove Nodoame!

#10 Ringo Mochi ¥300

Bought it at the airport because i got extra coins left. And also because… you know la.

#11 Doggy snack ¥100

Was for Cheddie but FML she langsung tak layan so fine lo i give to Koyuki. Hmmm.

#12 Hair thingies ¥100

For the bangs.

#13 hair bun thingie ¥650

I think it’s extremely overpriced but i do hair bun almost everyday and if it’s good it’s totally worth it!


The instruction. If i lost it it will be very fml. So i post the pic first! just in case!

#15 Bobby pins ¥100

It’s brown so it matches my hair! 😀

#16 Melliesh Blusher Powder ¥1000+

In sunkissed hue!

#17 Lippies!!! ¥1000+ each

Omg i dunno why i’m suddenly soooooo into nude colors. And i bought all the same colors. T_T

Anyway i had to threw away the packaging because they damn zhor teng. But i took picture of them cuz they were too nice! T___T


Gloss from Ettusais. After apply your lips will look like the babies what turf. Damn clever marketing.


Candy Doll gloss! It’s Limited Ed ok and it has this iridescent sparking hue it’s damn nice!

#20 Falsies(upper and bottom) ¥100-¥480

OXYMORON OF THE YEAR! Falsie company’s slogan = Nature is Lovely???? What turf. The whole point is NOT to look natural. Geddit?

I actually was hunting for Dolly Wink’s lashes up and down, but they are waaaaay too expensive T_T. Didn’t buy after all.

#21 Deco! ¥399

Soooooo cute but i can’t think of any gadgets i want to pimp liao. I abit phobia already cuz of the whole camera blinging tragedy. T____T

#22 hair accessories ¥100-315

The scrunchies ball thingie can be bought in all 100Yen shop!!! So if it is any more expensive than that, don’t buy!  They are almost all the same. I have seen other shops that sell it for ¥1,000. -_-

By the way i saw this ice-cream hair thingie in Harajuku one day and i didn’t buy it. So the next day when i went back, it was SOLD OUT! So, lesson to learn in Japan is, if you want it, buy.

#23 Thick socks ¥1,000 for 3 pairs.

Abit Cheat One™. Wear one time already all worn-out.

#24 Matching socks and scrunchie.

HAHA matches my pink rug too 😛

#25 Thick scarf ¥1,000

OMG so cheap ok and the quality damn good and it’s damn warm ok makes me wanna adventure to Antartica what turf *brave

#26 Cat scarf ¥2000+

Ok a bit ex. 1,000 and 2,000 so big difference can. T_T

But so cute i cannot let it there meowing loneliness what turf.

#27 Pastel leopard print top ¥500


#28 i ♥ Minnie Singlet ¥2,000+

The only thing i bought in Disney Sea. I wanted to buy everything but so ex!!! I dunno la i don’t really wanna get cheated by Disney anymore. Whatever Duffy Bear la. FTS! Disney is Cheat One™!

#29 pastel leopard print cardigan ¥4,600

Ok i dunno why i was willing to pay so much for this maybe i was feeling generous that day. or maybe it was Shibuya. Got voodoo spell one!!! *defensive

But i am liek damn obsessed with pastel leopard print nao!!! It is less harsh and fierce than normal leopard print. And it could be carried unto spring and will look so pastel and lovely and girly and all. Even thou no spring in Malaysia OK i should stop pretending as if i live in a four-season country fml.

#30 LIZ LISA DRESS OMG! ¥7,000+ (dun dare to confirm the exact amount) (can i just forget about the price *in denial)


Actually, i got this ¥1,000 discount voucher from Liz Lisa so i thought, wtf, may as well use it la right! If i don’t like i can always sell it. FTS it is LIZ LISA!!!

AND I ♥ it to the max!!!!!!

#31 Chiwawa toy ¥1,200

This is for Cheddie one.


And because it is so bloody cute, it deserves 2 pictures.


OK three.

Ok last but not least are things given to me as souvenir or present. I didn’t buy them! ♥♥♥

#34 Lemoned Gold Key

TK bought it for me because he lost my apartment key once FHL. It’s from his fav shop in Harajuku called Lemoned. Some dead rock band Hide member’s store i think.

(By the way can anyone explain to me why everyone involved in rockbands must commit suicide one? Fun meh?)

#35 Neko and Husky strap.

Teru-chan from Hippo family gave it to me because she knows i have a husky T________T

#36 Guess what is this!!!

It is my farewell present from my host family, and it is a pair of chopstick!!!


It’s not just a pair of normal chopstick it is MY CHOPSTICK!!!

Got my name engraved on it NO ONE ELSE CAN USE IT BUT MEEEEEEEEEEE


Ok la that’s all. My finger damn pain.


It feels incomplete to write a blog post without my pic. Even just half of me will do.

Taken at Narita Airport!!!

Tell me what you think of my shopping haul!!! (Anyway this is nto all. I still have my Liz Lisa Fukubukuro. Blog next if i got time.)