I love autumn/winter fashion the most. You get to play with layering and wear boots and put on matching scarves and all! So fun!

But I had the biggest headache ever before i flew off to Japan.

3 overcoats, 4 bottoms, 7 or so tops, 1 scarf, 2 pairs of boots and a few hair accessories. Already 20KG. How turf am i going to survive 18 days?

(Spare me all the backpacker style 2 sets of clothes for 6 months shit. I’d rather die and be buried under snow in shame.)

So here’s a humble style post (Ok not humble at all. been editing since this morning!!!) of my 18 days in japan. Will attempt to elaborate the items i wore just in case you like them! And note that some items might be for sale. So look out for them!

Sapporo ♥ Style

1. Purple Jacket from Zara–RM199. Bought it because it looks like it’s really warm (it really is) and it was the cheapest coat in the whole shop *kiam* wtf.

2. (Fake) Gucci from Shanghai. RM200. I know! Everyone has been asking me and everywhere i go people will be staring at it. A few Japanese Obasan (one from a fish market FML) even approached and asked where i bought it! And i told everyone it’s fake and they were like NOOO you should have just kept quiet. lol. I dont care la. I mean, what for spend 30X the money to buy authentic one when the Cheat One™ looks so damn good?

3. Pink leopard print hair bow from 100Yen shop.

4. Camera pouch from Claire’s. Got 50% discount. About ¥600 i think. Have to keep my tropical camera warm also so it doesn’t get sick what turf.

5. Little hair bow clip from Claire’s. And white cardi from Hong Kong. Like RM20 or something.

6. Fluffy hat from my host mom.

7. Colorful scrunchie from 100 yen shop. Fred Perry polka shirt and yellow cardi from HK.

8. Leopard print hair bow from 100Yen shop and furry coat borrowed from YC.

9. Another colorful scrunchie.

10. Seven Cap from HK, RM35.

11. Kimono from my host family, priceless.

12. Margarette-chan. Host family’s neko.

Tokyo ♥ Style 1

I had tahan for 10 whole days in Hokkaido and refrained from shopping. Once i got to Tokyo i went crazy. that’s why can see more varieties on my outfit. ^^

Style 1 is more Hime because of the items from Liz Lisa. Whereas Style 2 is more rock-chick cuz of another fukubukuro from Shibuya 109 shop.

13. Fluffy pink rabbit fur dress from HK. Surprisingly warm!

14. Fluffy white rabbit fur hat. For sale soon.

15. Leopard print Mickey ear muff from Tokyo Disney. Dalmation top from Women’s Secret.

16. Knitted flower hair pin, ¥315. Matching scarf (very very warm) ¥1,050

17. Distressed jeans from BACI. Thigh high boots from HK.

18. Japanese bathrobe from Vista Hotel.

19. Items from Liz Lisa’s fukubukuro!!! All cream-color! Knitted hat, over coat and knitted wear inside!

21. This hat might be for sale!

22. Same combination as No.7, different make up and hair do.

23. Ok getting repetitive.

24. Liz Lisa’s pastel checked dress and brown camisole. (The camisole is damn special, got chain and flower at the back!!!)

25. Liz Lisa’s white princess bag—for sale soon!!!

26. With Liz Lisa’s white coat.

27. Liz Lisa’s brown lace hat.

28. Cat scarf.

29. Duffy bear i didn’t get T_______T

Tokyo ♥ Style 2

30. Fukubukuro items from Glad News (what a name). Leather jacket, striped long sleeve hoodie top. But apart from Liz Lisa that’s my fav shop in Shibuya 109!!!

31. Skull and Kiss top from Glad News. Bored with my hair so i did a Cheat One™ short bob.

32. Spotted beret from Glad News.

33.  Smokey eye make up to match.

34. Leopard print fur bag from Glad News. It is actually the Fukubukuro itself! ^^



Ok that’s it!



Anyway, next homestay Sakura @Nagoya is opened for application!

Tentative date would be on 3rd-11th April, 2010. Pricing around RM5500. If $ allows, i would be going again. 😀

Due to limited host, this time we will only host 5 people.  First come first served! Fast fast go apply with Titan Planet!!!