My new nails are to match my previous Hair Bun video! I’m crazy pink raperrrt preen.


Result is liddis.

It is actually very very super simple to do! I was inspired to get mine done after watching Violet Le Beaux’s nail tutorial!

Except that i did it in pink.


Clean buffed nails, and my ga-chang lol.


Paint a layer of base coat to protect your nails blah blah. Normally i don’t really care, but since i have it then i use lo.


Paint your fav shade of baby pink, then use a darker pink and paint random dots on your nails.


Like polka except that it doesn’t have to be very round and symmetrical. Cheat One Polka.


After that, use a dark brown/black paint brush and draw thin lines over the dots. I prefer thin strokes instead of blotches of ink to mimic that furry effect.

Doesn’t matter if it is messy, because based on my experience, no matter how lousy a nail painter you are, from far it will look good anyhow!


Add some crystals if you like. I am using the CreamCakeCam left over blings.





By the way,

Congratulations to Ichigo!

She’s my longest friend and she got the name Ichigo because we were learning  fruit’s names in Japanese when we were 16 or something wtf.

Anyway i was her captain jimui today and i damn fail max ok. Cuz i was too kind hearted the most cruel thing i made the hengdai do was to drink Ribena+Milo fml. I mean, unFTL. T______T

Haha so yesterday i was helping her with all the wedding preparation, and i helped her write this:

Prenup for the groom HAHAHAH


OMFG damn 7 long never write mandarin i am so damn amazed at myself, haven’t all thrown back to Cikgu yet!!!

Ok i better pan leng leng nao bai.

PS: I’m waiting for wedding dinner nao too free that’s why i blog. Faster say i good.

PS2: Ichigo said got yu chee (shark fin) to eat later yay HAHA dunno why i find it quite funny. We always call her Yu Chee Gou (Shark Fin cake wtf).




Xpax Bigfreekinsale

And i am so glad that i have my BB back in Seremban because the internet was really slow so at least i can still check mails and whatnot with my BB.

You know what makes me happier?

Weekend with free BB access! Since i subscribe to Xpax BB plan every single day, i noticed that in Saturday, i didn’t receive any notification that RM2.50 is deducted from my credit for BB plan auto-renewal. That means it actually works!!!

I’m actually saving money without realizing it! If you are an Xpax BB user too, be reminded that in this coming two months, you will be saving money while BBing, just in case you didn’t realize. 🙂

From 11-Jan to 31-Marc, if you subscribed your Xpax BB plan for 5 consecutive weekday (meaning you don’t do anything for 5 days), and you get to enjoy weekday subscription for free! Awesome!! That’s RM5 off every week. And in a month, you will save RM20. That means your Xpax BB plan will only be RM50!


Check out the Bigfreekingsale for more!