I think what i brought home is not a dog, but a wolf.

Bitch bit me today. Twice.

I feel so bloody upset now i don’t even have appetite to eat.

I don’t know how i let it happened, but Koyuki is behaving very erratic these days. I didn’t think i changed in the ways i treat her. But She has been peeing and pooing everywhere, and whining more than usual.

She wasn’t like this when i first brought her home. She was this nice puppy who learns fast, who can sleep alone at night without making any noise, and eliminates exactly where i want her to.

The first time she displayed food aggression, i was really terrified. She growled at me and threatened to bite me. Then i thought it is time i trained her properly, because i have no qualms wiping her pee and picking up her poo (ok maybe a bit, but it’s part of the deal so i accepted it reluctantly) and even replacing all the things she damaged.

She has broken a mirror, chewed off a toilet hose, damaged her collar, shredded my loofah, ruined about a million rugs and carpets and towels, and i tolerated all.

Today i spent 2 hours cleaning the whole apartment, and when i tried to take away a chew bone from her, she bit me.

Fucking bitch bit me.

How did that happen? Note that she didn’t bite like the playful kinda bite (even when she bite playfully it already kind of hurts).

I know she is teething and all and likes to bite BUT IT WASN’T THAT KIND OF BITE.

She crinkled her snout and showed her teeth and growled like i was her worst enemy, and she BIT ME ON MY HAND (it bled a little).

I was utterly shocked in pain.


For a brief moment i thought i saw a wolf/tiger/lion/leopard cub in front of me.

Before you lecture me that i have spoilt her to become like this, i did not. I did not do any of those awwing and manjaing when she misbehaves.

I slammed her down at the back of her neck (what is it called!) and hold her till she keeps quiet (bitch whines damn kao 7 long) and relaxes, stared into her eyes and bloody growled back at her (i think if i do this more often sooner or later i’m gonna grow fur during full moon FML).

She surrenders after 10 whole bloody tiring minutes.

And look all hurt and vulnerable like this.

So i practiced this alpha dog whatever shit with her everyday, again and again. But she’s bloody stubborn.

THAT BITCH BIT ME AGAIN the second time i snatched a toy from her!!!!

Totally unacceptable behavior!

I honestly have not seen a puppy at 3 months old that fierce in my entire cheesy life. This is the first.

It upsets me and i don’t understand why she’s doing that.

My hands are full of her teeth marks FML!  >:E

Other than her food agression (and her recent whining), she’s a totally adorable creature. She is freaking smart, and she can listen to command really well.

I will hold her bowl (or kibbles in my hand cuz i have been hand feeding her) and she will sit and stay forever until i OKAY her. I can hold the kibbles in front of her snout and she will turn her head away until i give the command to have it.

When i brought her to the park she was so happy and i felt so blissful seeing her running around like a bunny (she looks so small in the huge park!). And she’s getting so much attention because everyone goes “Omg look it’s a baby husky” “Wow look at the blue eyes” etc etc etc.

And today it really saddens me that she’s so aggressive towards me. Blood of a wolf whatever, but i cannot have a dog who bites the hand that feeds her, literally.

When i become aggressive with her, she becomes MORE AGGRESSIVE.

It is really not funny. No don’t tell me she’s still a puppy blah blah.

She is 3 months old now. It makes me a little terrified of her because if i don’t address this problem now, i wont be able to do it 2 months down the road. She’s gonna grow to become a proper bloody wolf and i won’t be able to outfight her with her size (and my size).

And when i’m terrified of her i won’t be able to train her because doggy can smell fear, which makes them more aggressive.

Now she’s sleeping under the chair so peacefully and it makes me realize how much i love her and it makes me so sad i cried.

She’s a strong puppy but so stubborn her ankles (knees? wtf) are all bruised because she runs, slips, falls down and bangs into the wall all the time.

And my heart aches.



PS: I just called her name and she came and gave me hugs. Nao she’s (still small enough to be) sitting on my lap and smells like Johnson & Johnson baby.