I’m so totally loving my new hair sponsor Chezz Technique to the max.


Went for my new color at  Chezzie. (From today onwards i shall refer it as Chezzie, short for Chezz Technique. And it’s so me lolol.)


And i spent a total of 7 hours to do my hair.


I totally got exactly what i wanted. My stylist is a cheesnius. She also patiently took out my extensions one by one.


“Wtf why my mommy so blonde oredi one?”


This is Katherine my cheesnius stylist. At first i was like, wtf, so leng lui, got skill anot one fml.

But she managed to give me the most ash color i have ever had. Which is also the hardest color to achieve in the history of hair. Well, Asian hair.


Without bleaching. I love Katherine. You can look for her in Chezz at Jalan Gasing. Just make sure don’t make her too busy if not she has no time to do my hair anymore fml.


Fast fast camwhore under the sun.

Because this kind of color can maybe tahan 2 weeks max. T___T





This color is the closest to real life i think. No photoshop.

But later i will PS all my pictures so if you want to refer to the color, this picture is the unedited one.


Edited. Pink lenses from ViviFashion.


After i tonged my hair.

Since i’m in such awesome mood nao, imma show you different ways to use a fluffy scrunchie.



(Ok i dunno what it is called, exactly. Whatever.)

I love fluffy scrunchy because they are very tight and secure. I don’t need rubber bands prior to using it! So just use one scrunchie, you can transform your hair into many looks.


Way 1.

Tie a small chunk of hair. Will make you look underaged. Most of the models from Hanachu, Pichi Lemon, Nicola and Love Berry do this hair style. I don’t really like it but well, just for varieties.


Way 2.

Tie a chunk of hair into a small bun.


Way 3.

Tie a half pony tail.


Will look liddis.


Way 4.

Half pony tail but you just pull the fluffy scrunchie downwards for that effect. I dunno how to explain la.


Will look liddis. It happens when i was trying to pull out the scrunchie but half way through i was like, hey, it looks kinda nice wtf. Cheat One™.


Way 5.

Tie up all your hair into a bun. This look is very casual. And super convenient for this bloody hot CNY weather. Everybody should have a fluffy scrunchie.


Way 6.

Erm, just pull out the aforementioned bun in a scrunchie and you will end up having this.


Haih. Without my hair extensions nao it looks so short fml T_____T. I have no confidence to do fluffy hair bun anymore T_____T.


No more fluffy scrunchie liao. Just wanna show off new hair.


Hope you all feel cheated again and have learnt absolutely nothing at all.