Update: Still a few more days till Cheeseroll expires. I’m accepting more rolls. Pleasecheeseme at Gmail to book slot! ๐Ÿ™‚

Very lazy to edit photos so i edited some videos!

Of our arcade visits in Japan. Played some of the old school games, very fun!




I just bought a Bold 2 yesterday due to sheer peer pressure T_T.


My #Porkgang is a horribleย influenceย because we inter-psycho each other to buy new gadgets all the time. So far they managed to con me to buy: G10, my acer desktop pc, s90, bed frame, CAR. T______T.

I dunno i haven’t opened my Bold 2 yet because i am planning to sell it! If anyone can offer RM1,800 and above let me know, I sell. lol.

Anyway, talking about BB, remember that until the end of this month, Xpax Bigfreekinsale is still happening!

Until 31-Mar, if you subscribed your Xpax BB plan for 5 consecutive weekday (meaning you donโ€™t do anything for 5 days), and you get to enjoy weekday subscription for free! Awesome!! Thatโ€™s RM5 off every week. And in a month, you will save RM20. Can have more #Porkgang outing and buy more treats for #Koyuki. ^^

I know you also can’t survive without your BB plan, so check out more info on how to save money using Xpax!