That time no Dolly Wink yet so everyday i just drew my Cheat One™ lower lash. Looks quite real! ♥


Dunno why looks very much like USJ! (as in Universal Studio Japan, not Subang).


I is Minnie Maos!


To keep our Disney Passes!




We managed to get 3 fast passes for that day! Summore it was the 2nd day of Japanese New year, everyone was still holidaying, it was pretty crowded too! Remember the first thing to do when you arrive Disney is to get your fast passes first!

Then there’s a stated time when you can queue for the next fast past. Just time your schedule nicely and you can maximize the fun in Disney. ^^


Another thing you can do is to go to Disney on your birthday. They will give you a sticker and you will receive some special treatments! It quite fun! For example, every Disney staff will say Happy Birthday to you when they see your sticker (i was incredibly amazed at how sharp their eyes are. So far, 90 out of 100 staff noticed it and said Happy Birthday to me. But the downside is that it gets abit annoying after the 67th greetings you got). Also sometimes they give the birthday person privilege to take photo with a mascot first… etc.

NAH Don’t say i never share my secrets!

So even if it is not your birthday, you can always lie and say that it is. *shrug*. What to do, I am the Cheat One™ Queen.




Ok honestly i was quite annoyed at this one.

They say that you can find hidden Mickey in this wall (i read it somewhere). So we stood idiotically together with 50 other people staring up and down for 20 minutes. And we couldn’t find any freaking hidden Mickey.


In the end someone told us this is the hidden Mickey FOL.

Erm, please tell me Disney people are not as bo liao as this. -_-


Some water spitting angel statue thingie.



Ok la finger pain. Blog the rest tomorrow.