is just gorgeous.

So is our accommodation tonight.

The Echoes Boutique Hotel at Jamison Valley in the Blue Mountains.


My Mickey Luggage case is an eyesore at this elaborately decorated stylish reception.

Spa room in the hotel. It feels like the emperor’s restroom. What we need is 7 hot blonde servants feeding us grapes wtf.

Exclusive rooms with super awesome views. (Yes this is my room)

When i open my door by the bedside, this is what i will walk out to.

Changed my hardcore biker jacket and layers of shirts into the only dress i haven’t worn because the weather has gone way too cold for sluttiness— just so i could snap this picture.

Blue Mountain as backdrop.

It is autumn here.

And i’m still in my Liz Lisa Spring Look fml.

Tomorrow gonna go to Jenolan Caves, then the next day back to Sydney for more shopping!!! 😀

My trip so far has been nothing but (super duper mega ultra) wonderful. I have too much to update but i only have so much time!

I love Australia and it’s time you explore things that can be experienced Only in Oz. 🙂