Top & Necklace: BACI

Dungaree & hair accessories: Japan







I stopped using my CreamCakeCam, and started full time on my DonutCam instead. lolol


That’s mommy behind helping me clean up the big pile of mess i did during the shoot ♥

Btw she’s the one who took my non-camwhore photos in this post! Awesome anot!!!







And a set of Dessert Extravaganza to go with the outfit.


Strawberry ice cream,  chocolate cheesecake, orange sorbet, vanilla cupcake and more.


Nail by HRH Nail Studio. Also, follow them on Twitter to check out more promotion!

Also, check out my Hello Kitty BB theme! Anyway i will bling up my phone very soon after i get the white keypad from Truesupplier.com. It ships from US, but remember, for any goods from the US, you can always use vsHUB‘s shipping service and save money on it.  Also, they have recently launched the vsHub Share Affiliate Program, where you can earn passive income just by sharing the site with your friends! Check out more info here. 🙂




Ok flying off to Australia nao. Will blog from there and Show My Flag™!!!666