My host family has two Shiba inu.


A 5-months old male puppy Kotabo, and 1year + female Mashiro. (They damn layan the chew toy i got for them!)


Bring them out for walks everyday.


My Onechan always carry a plastic bag and everytime the Shibas start going around in circle, she will squat down and wait for the gold to drop.

Every. single. time.

That’s why grass in Japan is very safe to step on.


Visiting their “best friend” during the walk.


Dog Whisperer wtf.


TWO Dog Whisperer wtf.


This is the Cheat One™ Mount Fuji. I have a love hate relationship with it. Story next time.



Happy family wtf.


Nearby our house there’s a little park called Dog Run.


It’s a playground for doggies and it’s free. You can bring your four-legged there and have fun with them or train them.


And tools for your to pick up their golds.


In the shopping mall there’s this grooming place you can rent for a cheap price and shower your dogs yourself. It was quite fun and VERY exhausting bathing the two little creatures 😛


This is Mashiro. She is the lansi dog. She won’t layan you if she doesn’t feel like it. But she is super patient when it comes to things she wants.


And she has an obsession with soft toy. Will whine non-stop if she see one that is out of her reach.



She would wait, and wait….


and wait…..


This happens at breakfast table EVERYDAY.


Teaching my Onechan how to use PS.

She wanted to make Kotabo’s nose smaller and eyes bigger wtf. HAHAHAH I like it!


This, is Kotabo.

He likes to do what male doggies do all the time. Sometimes Mashiro layan him, sometimes she will ask him to GTFO.


Mashiro has the Cheshire eleastic face you know why?????


And after you do the aiyoyo pinch cheek thing, it will take about 30 second for the skin to go back to it’s original position it is just VERY FUNNY HAHAHHA.

Sorry Mashiro T_____T


While Mashiro ignores me most of the time, Kotabo, on the other hand, seems to have been voodooed by me the moment he saw me for the first time.

Every time i come home, he would cry like i have abandoned him since he was born and jump all over me. My chin, nose and eye have bruised multiple times because of this.


He was just soooooooooo cute i can just feel that he is attached to me in such a strange way that nobody could comprehend.

If the whole family comes home, he will jump onto me first (and howl and cry and while etc), and will only go to the dad/sister when they call his name, and then come back to me again.


Either i smell like a life size milk bone or i just project this in awesome whatever aura and energy better than Cesar Milan wtf.




On the last day, i packed all my belongings and dragged them to the car preparing to leave for the airport.

Otousan came out and said,

Hey you forgot to pack something!


They say he should follow me home cuz they dowan him already wtf.


Whoa i really miss him a lot nao T_________T

Lastly a video of them. About 4 mins long.

Music: MEG “Precious”.