I met Asada Family 4 years ago when they came to Malaysia. (and forced them to eat Durian wtf)

4 years later, we met again in Nagoya.


Hearted my face because 7-hours flight no make up look like shit etc.


4 years ago Azumi was 16 and now she has changed so much (know how to style her hair, make-up and dress up etc).


And 4 years ago Youta was just a litte boy wtf. Brought him to KLCC and he actually counted how many levels it has. When we went to Pasar Seni, he counted those little KLCC models one by one and see if really got 88 levels wtf.

And my Onechan’s favorite game now is Tomodachi Collection. According to Ranzuki, TomoKole (they shorten everything shortenable) is the most popular game now!

Asada family host many people from all over the country all these years. And Onechan will make a Tomodachi for each guest they hosted to commemorate the great time they had together.


This is mi wtf. (Apparently i didn’t know i can make my eyes blue, so it is still black).

Her name is Rin and she has a super weird accent and she’s this eccentric person who is really hard to please wtf. I feed her 10 items and she disliked all of them wtf including Ichigo T____T.

This is how she talks wtf. (She says she’s practicing how to wink WTF!)

(Dolly Wink wtf!!!)


This is Otousan HAHHAHAHA look exactly like him!!!


Bought Rin chan a sakura interior it’s omfg nice 😀

(Fed her Mentaiko and she didn’t like it WTF??????????????)

(Cheat One ™!!!!!!!!!!)


This is Koyuki lololol.

She has huge, droppy blue eyes. And she’s wearing a cat costume FHL.

Now everyday Onechan will write email to me and tell me what Rin Chan does everyday. Today she fed her Okonomiyaki and apparently she doesn’t like it too wtf. And she hasn’t made friends with any of the resident because nobody want to friend this weirdo FHL. T______T




I want to play!!! Downloaded the game but no R4 card FML.


By the way my Onechan wear different cute socks each day lol.

And you know what’s her favorite pass time?


You go to the toilet, if the toilet paper is the shape of a triangle, you know that the last person who did business in here was Onechan.