And my dog ate my whole birthday cake when i was busy replying your birthday wishes tweets.


Lesson of the year: Eat your cake before your dog does.

PS: I got no face in the photos because it was a surprise visit from #Porkgang. Means i cannot do my make up in 3 seconds. Anyway, thank you my awesomeporksauce Porkers! Love you all!





Am flying to Nagoya tonight for 8 days.


Gonna spend the last few moments of my birthday in the plane with little crying Japanese babies T_____T.

Baby K not happy. πŸ™

(Maybe that’s why she ate my cake fml)

“Mommy, what is that?”

“Dunch lie. I know what luggage means. Where is you goes again this time?”

“I wunch let you do it and you know it. Try me.”

“I will detroys it!”

“Without this you is cannot go. I knows.”

*nom nom nom*

“Hehe. Unless you brings Cookie along”



Baby K be good! I cannot brings you i is sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrry T________T

Say Happy Birthday to mommy! T________T




Ok good girl.