The past few days before i went to Nagoya castle it was freezing cold. Like, 8C or something. So when i brave myself to wear this out i was actually really, really worried.


But i always have the travel luck. The only day i had to walk 20 mins to the train station and go to Nagoya on my own (and a Malaysian friend Kate). It was BIG SUNNY.


It was so hot i had to take off my jacket. (that’s Kate in the background).


And it was still full bloom.

(the rest are all artsy fartsy pix with no caption)










With some cute guy (i know the one on my left is a lady but i totally forgot her existence) in period costume. I really think he’s very cute <3



Lunch at Sakae (not sushi).

This is called like, tensomethingsomethingmubi lol. Some Nagoya specialty.


Flowers everywhere!!!!!!!!!


This is Osu. I bought a new jacket and wore it on the spot cuz it was hot with the cardigan FML.

Anyway i’m selling this jacket. I have only worn it once. Which is this day. lol.


Pretty mural!


Pretend catalog shoot wtf.




There was a pink mount Fuji, so i stupidly went and stupidly climbed it and stupidly hurt my elbows 🙁


OMG a 3-colored Sakura tree SOOO PRETTY!!!!!!!!




I have never seen anything like this before!!!




Another type of bright pink sakura.

Erm. End oredi.

Anyway if you like the jacket go to Wardrobe to bid. I’m throwing in a cute free gift!